Alarm from Meisa (2009-06-15)  

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This is the translation of Kuroki Meisa's official blog called "Alarm from Meisa", just to make it clear to those who are confused by its title.

[2009-06-15] - (18:42)
Onna Nobunaga, it can't be helped

The day of onna kumicho! ! ! (female yakuza boss)
Today there's a day off from performing Onna Nobunaga,
so I'm filming "Ninkyo Helper".

A woman inside a man...
Female Nobunaga and female yakuza boss,
that's what they both have in common..

Look forward to the dorama too!

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I've started reading her blog translations and wanted to say thank you :) I am becoming a bigger fan of hers!

Thanks again ^^

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