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Inoue Mao's Staff Diary (2009-06-17)  

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She filmed a new "chocola" commercial a few days ago.
The set was really surprisingly big!!
It's going to air during summer so please look forward to it!

"Please let me take a photo for the Staff Diary!" I asked Inoue-san
and she decided to give me a cute pose!

And now Inoue-san's civilian clothes of today!
It has been raining, so rain boots ♪
It was simply too cute and that's why I decided to secretly take a picture of her! *laughs*

One day while Inoue-san was on the phone with the chief manager...

Chief: "On the XXth, Cinema Girls will come for an interview." [spoken: "Shinema Gaaruzu"]
Inoue: "Eh!!?? Frantic???" [Frantic = spoken "shine mono kurui"]

The chief manager laughted very loud. *laughs*

Once in a while she doesn't hear things right.
But I often do that too, so I better stay quiet... *laughs*

Anyway, the above mentioned "Cinema Girls" will go on sale on July 21!!
Please check it out ♪ ♪

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Oohashi's Father's Day Cookies  

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It's father's day in Japan and many other countries today and child actress Oohashi Nozomi (10) even has the luck of having 2 fathers in the dorama "Shiroi Haru" (Fuji TV). Of course she also had some presents for her dorama fathers and made them some cookies, not just some ordinary cookies, they are each around 20cm big!

The two lucky actors are Abe Hiroshi who plays her real father and Endo Kenichi who plays the man who brought her up. Oohashi wrote down their names on the cookies, "Abe-san" and "Endo-san" respectively, completed with a nice "Thank you" each. Endo was very touched by the present, "It's the first time she called me 'Endou'." Abe too, "It's too to get eaten!" However, Oohashi immediately responded, "It's best if eaten by today...!"

They'll continue to film the last episode of the dorama about "the love of parent and child" until the 23rd.

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Source: Oricon

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Hiroshi Tamaki, Yuriko Yoshitaka find love  

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Last season's drama series "Love Shuffle" (TBS) revolved around a group of men and women mixing and matching their relationships in an attempt to find their right mates. The experiment apparently worked out for two of the show's stars: Hiroshi Tamaki (29) and Yuriko Yoshitaka (20), who are said to now be seriously dating.

In "Love Shuffle," Tamaki played a manager at an IT company who was on the fast track due to his engagement to the president's daughter. Yoshitaka, on the other hand, played an art student undergoing psychiatric counseling. Although their characters did not end up together, the two actors hit it off and continued their dates off-screen.

Sources said that the two got along well during the show's filming, and they really started seeing each other after the series ended in March.

Tamaki's acting career has been very busy lately, particularly with starring roles in movies such as "Manatsu no Orion," "MW," and the upcoming "Nodame Cantabile" movies. Meanwhile, Yoshitaka has been establishing herself as a rising star. She received multiple Best New Actress awards for her role in last year's "Snakes and Earrings," in which she appeared nude.

I dunno why I didn't read this news the other day, anyway.. it might still be new to some of you, so here you go; copied from Tokyograph.

Female celebrities with the best bodies  

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Summer is approaching and that means that it will be the time again for women to show off their bodies, or not. Many women try to get in shape in time for the the sunny season and often they look at celebrities to create their ideal bodies inside their heads. Oricon now asked women in their 20s and 30s about which female celebrities have the ideal bodies in their opinion. Surveys like this are done on a yearly basis and this year's winner is the same as last year's, the now 37 years-old actress Fujiwara Norika. Many women are simply envious of her well-proportioned body.

Here now the whole Top5 along with 2 comments from the voters.

01 - Fujiwara Norika
--- She's full-bodied and has very long legs. That's certainly the ideal body...
--- She isn't too thin nor too chubby, she has a great figure with a nice balance.

02 - Amuro Namie
--- She has just the right amount of muscles and I'm envious that she still looks exactly the same like before her child.
--- She doesn't look like a mother of a single child at all and it's amazing figure didn't change at all compared to her olden days.

03 - Hoshino Aki
--- She's slender and glamorous!
--- Wrinkles and yet so beautiful. She has a very feminine and beautiful line.

04 - Sugimoto Aya
--- She isn't too thin and has a nicely balanced and full body.
--- She's living proof that you can still be beautiful no matter what age you are.

05 - Ebihara Yuri
--- She has an incredibly beautiful line.
--- The most enviable body is that of a model! She has the ideal body, because she can wear whatever she wants and it's going to suit her.

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Source: Oricon

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Gakky and her surprise visit at a senior high-school  

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Actress and singer Aragaki Yui (21) made a surprise visit at a senior high-school in Sagamihara, Kanagawa on Wednesday. In the name of happiness, she gave the school a "Happiness Hug-Tree Flowerpot". With this event she wanted to promote her 2nd album called "hug" and all the students went crazy when they saw her up on their stage. "I missed the whole athmosphere of a school," she said with a really bright smile and wished them all a lot of happiness.

Everyone gathered in the gymnasium. Silence. Then they all suddenly see the smiling face of Gakky and the silence gets crushed by the cheers. She planned this event together with the help of Tokyo FM's SCHOOL OF LOCK where she works as a regular. SOL vice principle Yashiro went on stage together with her. "Gakky desu, yay! You'll get a lot of luck, if you are hugging here." She proclaimed on stage and with her she had a signed CD for everyone.

In her radio show of SOL, she's the head of the "Rumor Club" and searches for a lot of urban legends. On her new album there's a motif of a bear and it was the first time that she designed the jacket herself. The same bears have been made into a tree flowerpot that she brought with her on stage. "You'll experience a lot of luck, if you embrace each other in front of this tree." She propagated. The flowerpot has been given to 20 schools in the whole country.

Within her show, she also asked people to send in their "Happiness-Hug Pictures". After looking through all of them, the first place went to someone from this high school and that's the actual reason why she particularly came to visit this one. The winner gets to do a "Gakky Call" and you could feel the tension among the 620 students.

A 3rd grader was the lucky girl who had the chance to go on stage and get embraced by Gakky herself. A few more students had the chance to get on stage and one male student even confessed to her with the words "I love you!", but of course you can't win her over just like that and so she smiled him away with a bitter smile.

On the 11th she had her 21st birthday and on this day she really felt like an older sister. She revealed one of her personal and bittersweet youth stories. "It was a lot of fun and I had a broad grin on my face, but as soon as I was about to go on a stage, I had a strange feeling in my stomach. Somebody (from the staff) hugged me and I immediately got happy again."

The flowerpot will be placed in the practice room of that school. "I also used a good luck charm during junior high-school in order to sit right next to the person I liked. I took the joker from a cards game, wrapped it in red paper and put it in my breast pocket. I was really surprised when we were drawing the lots in order to arrange the seats." Gakky remembered and celebrated the new "spot of happiness" at this school.

Yesterday (18th) she will also have another show on SOL and she's going to contact another senior high-school student with a lot of luck. One thing is for sure, the students of that school are definitely going to forever keep her smile as a symbol of happiness in their hearts.

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Kawashima more and more like Gakky's protege  

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Aragaki Yui's junior Kawashima Umika (15) has been appointed as the new image and commercial character for NTT East's broadband services "Flets Hikari".

The new commercial will be on-air starting tomorrow (19th) and will have her watching the broadcast of a match with Major League baseball player Ichiro while "Ichiro" himself pops-up as a "Flets Hikari" salesperson.

It can't be denied that Kawashima is strongly becoming the protege of her senior Aragaki, because Aragaki used to be the image character for Flets up until now. There's more, Kawashima is also finally going to conquer the big screen with her first starring role in the movie "Keitai Kareshi" (Mobile Boyfriend) later this fall.

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Alarm from Meisa (2009-06-15)  

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This is the translation of Kuroki Meisa's official blog called "Alarm from Meisa", just to make it clear to those who are confused by its title.

[2009-06-15] - (18:42)
Onna Nobunaga, it can't be helped

The day of onna kumicho! ! ! (female yakuza boss)
Today there's a day off from performing Onna Nobunaga,
so I'm filming "Ninkyo Helper".

A woman inside a man...
Female Nobunaga and female yakuza boss,
that's what they both have in common..

Look forward to the dorama too!

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Kawashima Umika's Blog (2009-06-16~18)  

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[2009-06-16] - (11:15)
Shinto Shrine

I'm here in the middle of doing an interview for a magazine. ♪
We just received at a Shinto shrine for the photo shooting (*´∇`) and...

My outfit is a yukata! ! ! ! ! !
Its colors and pattern is so extremely cute ☆ I'm loving it~

Come to think of it, it might be my first time wearing a yukata for work...probably, yeah...!

An all-new Umika~~~~~゜+。(*′∇`)。+゜

I'll inform you again as soon as I may say more. ♪



[2009-06-16] - (22:18)


Those upturned eyes are a crime...
Too cute for words ♪ Vanilla-san (´`)

Sorry for acting like an over fond parent.
But when I didn't look, she ate all the eggs we wanted to use to make omelets filled with fried rice for dinner! First I was surprised and didn't know what happened, but... φ(.. ;)

This rascal~! ! !

I properly scolded her and told her that she can't do that.
Still, she's so cute ← ← ←



[2009-06-17] - (21:10)
The last episode

Finally the last episode today. (´`) I wonder what will happen.

"Aishiteru ~Kaiyo~"
NTV, 22pm

Moreover it will have a runtime of 75min, 15min longer than usual. ☆

YOU CAN NOT MISS IT!!!! I'll also try to get home early~

In the photo you can see the studio ☆ Kinda amazing. (。・ω・。)



[2009-06-18] - (00:32)
Aishiteru ~Kaiyo~

The last episode finished at last. (´Д`)

How was it? Each family had a different appearance, but they all made some steady progress. I also watched it on-air and somehow it resounded my heart.
You could feel that "family" is really important.

First of all I'm very happy that I was able to play the role of Mihoko, because this dorama taught me a lot of things.
I'm the most fortunate person, because I got blessed with such a wonderful work, such wonderful actors, such a wonderful crew and not to forget our viewers. ♪

As Mihoko-chan I was able to learn a lot of things. I learned something new in each and every moment! Of course, there have also been times when I didn't know how to do something or times when I've been very worried, but I always received the help from all kinds of people. Thanks to that I was able to hang in there and give my best.

Truly, truly thank you very much! ☆ It's always so sad when the last episode is approaching...
I think I should be able to grow like Mihoko-chan using the experience I had. (´`) I'll keep on trying my best! ! ! !

Please keep on supporting me as well.

In the photo you can see an all-new uniform. ♪ It's the senior high-school version of Mihoko. (*´∇`) There's another photo!!!!!

I received them today. ♪ Aragaki Yui-san's new album "hug".

Hugs! Hugs are the best! ! *laughs*
I didn't listen to it yet, but I'll tell you as soon as I did. ☆ Please check it out, too!

And guess what! The topmost song on the CD is "Utsushi E", the one where I appeared in the music video. (*/ω\*) It makes me so happy~



[2009-06-18] - (15:12)

The official ending party of Aishiteru is happening now. +。(*′∇`)。+゜

We started with bowling since noon. ♪ This is so much fun!!!!
However, bowling to celebrate the end of a dorama is new.

I didn't bowl for about 2 years, but I'm still trying my best. ☆



[2009-06-18] - (19:15)

We've finished our bowling tournament and there's a bit of time until the next meeting. We'll go to a café together with everyone from the cast and the staff. (*/ω\*)

Today I was able to meet Shion-kun again, he played the role of Kiyotan. ♪ He was cute as ever! *laughs*
[Note: Sato Shion, he's 7 years old and plays Ozawa Kiyotaka in the dorama.]

And I got tricked by Kakazu Issei-kun who played Tomoya! (_´Д`)ノ~~ *laughs* Doesn't it look like a normal bread in the photo!? But if you look more closely...

It's a key chain.

I thought it's bread. Bleh~~~~~~ (´Д`)

Shion-kun and Issei-kun are like siblings to me... adorable ☆ *laughs*


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Oricon Sparkling Girls Vol.02 - Ishibashi Anna  

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In the focus of attention.
Sparkling girls you can't get out of your head!

Oricon made it their business to completely analyse all "those young girls" that start to have a bright and sparkling presence in movies, doramas or commercials. You quickly get to know "those girls" in detail while they talk topics like their first love and their favorite type of men!!

Vol. 02 - Ishibashi Anna

Ishibashi Anna was the winner of "The 31st HoriPro Talento Scout Caravan" and already appeared in much-discussed works like "ROOKIES" or "Akai Ito". She had her first starring role in the movie "Kimi no Tomodachi" (Your Friends; 2008), a movie all about childhood friendship and puberty, and showed a very good performance. Let's find out what else is on the mind of this active senior high school student, even as far as her first love.


- Born: 1992-07-12
- Birthplace: Fukuoka
- Height: 163cm
- Blood Type: A
- Hobbies: dancing
--- big fan of the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks (pro basbeball team)
--- her favorite motto is: "Throw a ball as hard as you can."
--- has an older and a younger brother
--- her favorite actress is Kobayashi Ryoko
--- wants to become like actress Ayase Haruka
--- her favorite dish are noodles (especially udon from her home town)
--- close friends with Goriki Ayame, Okamoto Azusa and Takizawa Karen


- Winner of "The 31st HoriPro Talento Scout Caravan"
- Dorama Debut with "Shisso Holiday"
- became the image character for "Akaihane"
- became an exclusive model for "SEVENTEEN"
- appeared in the doramas "Juken no Kamisama" and "Shinuka to Omotta"
- apppeared in the doramas "Saito-san", "ROOKIES" and "Akai Ito"
- appeared in the movie "Akai Ito"
- first starring role in the movie "Kimi no Tomodachi"
- appeared in the dorama "Zeni Geba"
- will appear in the movie "The Shikisoku Generation"

The way to her debut

"My mind went black at the audition."

When I was 6, I was a huge fan of the group SPEED. I recorded every music show like "Music Station" and danced along with them. That's when I got possessed with the idea to enter the world of show business and I was like, "I don't care whether it's as singer, actress or model, I just want to become a performer no matter how!" Then, during my 2nd year in junior high, I saw a poster of the "HoriPro Talento Scout Caravan" sticking at the wall in one of those game center. I'm from the countryside and sometimes when I went to watch a movie, I once in a while exchanged the stub of the ticket for a medal at the game center and played some games.
That poster had pictures of Fukada Kyoko, Ayase Haruka and Ishihara Satomi. "Amazing! They all made their debut thanks to this audition", I was surprised and saw it as my big chance. Without much to loose I applied and made it through the prelimiary rounds. During the final elections I was so nervous that everything finished in the twinkling of an eye for me. In the end I came out as the winner. My mind went completely blank when they called my name and I was like, "What? Me?"

Anna the talento

"With more experience, it's difficult to re-try the same role."

The movie "Kimi no Tomodachi" was my first movie, I had to come to Tokyo for 2 whole months as a 14-years-old and had no sense of acting at all. I didn't have any friends in Tokyo and when I secluded myself into my shell, I realized that I'm actually very similar to my role Emi. More than trying to get into the crying scene, I just had to bring up my own true feelings. I didn't know anything, but because of that I maybe also didn't have a lot pressure. If I would do the same role again, now that I already gained some more experience, I would have to think about so much things that it actually would make it much more difficult to act.
While playing the same girl while she is 14 up until she's 20 years old, all the people who play my younger brother or my younger seniors are actually my seniors. In the scenes I might look like a self-important girl, but I immediately turn back into the junior as soon as there is the cut *laughs*. There is also a scene where I am driving a car and while I actually wasn't driving in that scene, it still was a lot of fun to get pulled.
After leaving the movie, I started to see a lot more clouds. Right after the movie I went to New Caledonia and when coming out of the airpirt, I saw a really beautiful cloud. Now I always take out my mobile phone when I see one and already took a lot of pictures since then. *laughs*

The things on Anna's mind?

--- Your biggest failure until now?
I have a lot of small failures. I trip a lot and before I realize it, I already have some big bruises on my legs *laughs*. Recently I also had lunch out by myself and when walking down to the basement, I tripped. It was a rainy day and I was wearing sandals, it was easy to slip. I slipped down about 3 steps and unintentionally cried "OUCH!". Two people in that diner pointed at me and laughed, it was really embarrassing and a great shock for me... *laughs*.

--- Tell us about your first love.
It was in kindergarten. He was a noisy boy and chatted a lot. I don't know why I liked him, but I remember how we often played together in the sand pit when we had some time off. Sure, you could say that I played with everyone in the sand pit, but it seems like that I particularly talked and looked to him the most... or something like that *laughs*.

--- What type of men do you like?
A considerate person who is able to understand my feelings or perhaps I should say a person who is able to worry about me. For example he should always carry the luggage, or at least twice as much as I do when there's really a lot to carry. His appearance... he should be good-looking *laughs*, like Adam Brody from "The OC". I also often fall in love with manga characters *laughs*. Takuma from the manga "Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu", I love him so much!

Anna's Rankings

Words that make you happy.
- 01 - "Are you a halfy?" (of mixed race)
- 02 - "You are like an adult."
- 03 - "You are beautiful."

I completely adore the American culture and fashion, I'd love to become an American person, but I can't *laughs*. I'm still happy when somebody calls me a "halfy". I'm 16 right now, it's also the time when you want to become an adult. I want to get called "beautiful" rather than "cute", because it makes me feel more like an adult and therefore a lot more happier. Ayase Haruka thinks that I'm beautiful.

What things are you into right now and why?
- 01 - "The OC"
- 02 - Juicer
- 03 - class shuffle

I love Mischa Barton and so it's naturally that I love "The OC". I don't want to watch it until the very last episode of season 4, but I always watch it when I'm feeling down and it immediately lifts up my spirit. I don't like the idea of having finished watching every episode *laughs*. Juicers that are able to make juice without any of the skin and seeds, I think they are so "amazing".

Your favorite mangas.
- 01 - "Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu"
- 02 - "Detective Conan"
- 03 - "Sand Chronicles" (orig: Sunadokei)

"Boku no Hatsukoi" was the first manga that made my cry. Takuma loves Mayu, but "they won't be able to be together for much longer" because of his heart disease and it's so painful to watch him being that cold towards her for that reason. The criminals never win against "Conan", but it's a lot of fun to re-think the whole scenario once "it makes click" and you understand the tricks. "Sand Chronicles" is very heartrending too, that's why I love it.

Anna's Choices

--- The one thing you would like to have with you on an unpopulated island.
Answer: Ponzu
On an unpopulated island you can go fishing and eat the fish after making some fire to grill it, right? However, it won't be delicious without any ponzu! *laughs* You know, I love ponzu. I can't eat anything without it. *laughs*
[Note: Ponzu is a sauce made of soy sauce and citrus juice.]

--- What would you want for your last supper?
Answer: Udon from my home town
There's a place I often go to after school ever since I was little. I absolutely love the udon they make there. The boiled chicken meat, the delicious soup and springy noodles that lack any kind of springiness. *laughs* They lack springiness, but they are still delicious!

--- Would you like to get reborn as a man or a woman?
Answer: Woman
I have to choose woman, there are simply too many things that you can only enjoy as a woman. Fashion and make-up, hot springs and stone saunas and especially having a blast singing songs of AKB48 at a karaoke. *laughs* I think it's a lot of fun to be a woman.

--- Can you confess right to one's face? Or rather per letter or mail?
Answer: Mail
I would be too embarrassed doing it personal! *laughs* You can't say "I love you" right to one's face! When it's per mail, you are like, "it won't matter once it's send." *laughs* Though, even mail seems impossible to be honest.

--- Would you like to get confessed right to your face? Or rather per letter or mail?
Answer: I'd be happy either way.
The word "love" makes me happy alone, it doesn't matter whether it's per telephone or personal. However, many of my friends think that "a mail is no good." True, there are a lot prank mails. *laughs* Prank mails are the worst!

--- At what age would you like to get married?
Answer: 24
My mother married with 24. However, year after year I seem to become much more different compared to my mother. My mother knows a lot of things. I always consult her when it comes to buying a new telephone or other eletric appliances, "You don't need that feature." and so on. I respect her a lot. I have a feeling that I will be 24 in not time and that it might be impossible to get married by then. *laughs* A plain subdued wedding would be nice. For my honeymoon I would like to go to France and visit the Louvre.

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Ishihara's Diary, Entry 146 (June 13)  

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Entry 146

Satomi Car ☆
You've assisted me for about 3 years *m(_ _)m*

From my debut stage play "Kiseki no Hito" to "Zatoichi" now...
I did my best at a lot of sets together with my beloved car, the Satomi Car!

Now the leasing time is over and while I don't want to return the Satomi Car...
It gave way to a completely newborn company car.

It's a regrettable farewell, but it's also filled with a lot of gratitude (couple picture ♪).

Thank you for the highest level of comfort! It was much appreciated!!

And speaking of recent events...

I've been cycling around my neighborhood like a primary school student?! on her bicycle.
(I already talked about this on my radio show... *laughs*)

I finally tried to cook with the frying pan that I received from the magazine "Duet".

A few days ago,
I had the chance to visit the house of Konno Mahiru-san. ♪

She's been married for about half a year now ☆
The lovely smiling face of "MahiMahi" is so contagious, I was filled with a happy feeling in no time.

The filming of "Zatoichi" finished, so up until today
I was totally able to be at ease day after day.

I had time to think about a lot of things.

About my future..
About the future of everyone around me..

I was really able to think about a lot of stuff.

Next week will be a complete change of my mood again,
because I'm going to start on filming for my next project!

I think I'll be able to tell you before we go on stage (^-^)
Please look forward to it. ☆
[Note: Going on stage to make the official PR-Announcement/Interview, I assume.]


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"Ikechan to Boku" - Aoi Yuu Interview  

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Actress Aoi Yui is the voice behind the mysterious "Ikechan" in the movie adaption of Saibara Rieko's picture book "Ikechan to Boku". This creature kindly watches over the protagonist Yoshio and during his growth, it more and more adapts the characteristics of a girl. Oricon did an interview with Aoi to see how she things about her role, as a woman and as a an actress.

"Saibara's drawings, letters and story, you can't leave out any of the 3."

--- What was your reaction when you got the offer to voice "Ikechan"?

I was surprised about a lot of things. Up to now I played boys or girls, often not even close to my age, but this time it's a person that can't really be called a person. First of all I was surprised about the visuals of Ikechan, it's a thing that can't be grasped at all and I though, "I'm supposed to voice this?" I think it's an interesting experiment to turn a Saibara picture book into a live-action movie. That's one reason why I immediately wanted to do it and I felt very honored and happy that they want to entrust such an importent character to me.

--- What were your impressions when you read the original picture book?

I decided to do the role of "Ikechan" after I read the book. Many thoughts came to my mind while reading it, "What kind of voice would it have? How does it move? How will they realise it in the movie?" I got excited by all the hows?.

--- What did you think when reading the script?

That the phrases would be in a typical printed type. I was glad that they used some of the original expressions of Saibara. There were some phrases children don't use anymore today, so I was looking forward how they are going to act. Children can have some very interesting and amusing ways of talking and this work did a perfect job of catching those expressions.

Saibara's drawings, letters and story, I don't think it's good to leave out any of the 3 in the world of "Ikechan to Boku". The drawings and the letters would disappear in a movie adaption and all that is left is the story. How can you compensate the loss of those 2 important factors? It was very interesting how the director managed to replace the letters with amusing expressions of the chidren.

"I waited until I heard the voice of 'Ikechan' in my head."

--- How did you come up with the voice of "Ikechan"?

I watched it time and time again and waited until I heard the voice of "Ikechan" in my head. When I was reading the script, I already thought about a lot of things like the voice of "Ikechan". I went to the director, did the voice that was in my head and asked, "Is this the right tone?" He answered, "That's it!"

--- What was the voice like that you said to have heard inside your head?

It was a soft voice. However, I was very anxious about whether I would be able to put this voice into practice. I had to be careful about any tiny variation in my voice.

--- What was the most difficult thing while playing as "Ikechan"?

"Ikechan" is something that can only be seen by the protagonist Yoshio. There are times when they directly communicate with each other, but there are also times when they are physically far away from each other, but still connected to each other with their minds. It was very difficult to balance the volume of the voice according to those situations. I've never experienced something similar to that before. There wasn't a scene that was particularly difficult or easy to do. One thing that was very difficult was to get into the very last words of "Ikechan". They are one of the most important lines of the whole movie and I had the responsibility to handle them with great care.

--- What kind of relationship do "Ikechan" and Yoshio have?

Whether it can be seen or not, I think it's wonderful when 2 people have a relationship where no other person can fit in. They give each other strength. In the original picture book it's almost like a love story. I'm not good with love things or fantasy, but they had such a strength and such honest and great conversations! People with dreams, especially children should watch this, but for me I wish that many women will go and watch this movie. I think it's able to reach the heart of everyone women who experienced love at least once in her life. It's a really beautiful love the of them have. On the whole it's a movie that draws a very deep love.

--- At the end, could you please tell us your impressions after watching the complete movie?

When I was watching the movie, I think that the person next to me saw a much deeper meaning to it than myself. I'm not saying that I know this person's past, but to me it seemed like that she saw that boyfriend she had in her past. People with such a past relationship should be able to have much deeper feelings when watching this movie. I also would like you to focus on the relationship between Yoshio and his friend Misako. However, the biggest reason why I like this movie so much is the mysterious and extraordinary feelings that surrounds "Ikechan" itself.

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Magazine Scans - Gyao Plus  

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Two more sets from Gyao Plus Magazine No.001
(The main-set with Toda Erika here.)

Not my scans!

Ueto Aya's Voice (2009-06-09)  

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The sky one day while looking out of my car...
Unbelievable how much energy I received from this sight!
Can you feel the same??
Either way, I photographed this loveliness with my mobile phone!
It's wonderful
As expected from the softbank 920p
(I'm already using it for more than 1 year)

The lunch I bought during the break of Yonekura Ryoko-nene's stage play
After only having little snacks at the day after day, I was immensely happy to have a warm lunch again

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