Kawaguchi Haruna the 13th "Rehouse Girl"  

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After popular actresses like Miyazawa Rie, Isshiki Sae, Aoi Yuu or Kaho, "Mitsui Rehouse" has now chosen its 13th "Rehouse Girl" for their commercial, the 14 years old model Kawaguchi Haruna.

Commercials for Rehouse have been proven to be a gateway to popularity and it's Kawaguchi's chance to rise to similar fame as the women mentioned above. So far she's only been active as a fashion model for magazines, but starting in April everyone in Japan will be able to see her in the commercials. "I'm full of anxiety and enjoyment." Kawaguchi said with a shy but ambitious smile.

In 2007 Kawaguchi won the "11th Nicola Model Auditions" organized by the teen fashion magazine "nicola". She's from the Nagasaki prefecture and is 164cm tall. For Rehouse she will now begin to appear as a "gentle and neat girl".

Now that she has taken the spot as the image girl for that company, she had to answer a couple of questions in front of dozens of camera. "In spring I'll get in the 3rd grade of junior high school. My first try at humming (in the commercial) didn't went really well, because I was way too nervous." She looked back the filming. "I hope that I will become a better actress, so that I won't ruin the image of the Rehouse Girl." At the PR event she also revealed that her hobby is actually to go fishing. "The most I fished once were 300 fishes." Even the people of Mitsui were surprised when they heard that.

They then also explained why they've chosen Kawaguchi for the role. "She herself is possessing the image of a very pure, simple and neat girl, especially her smile is what fascinated us." The judges at the audition for the commercial were also knocked off by Kawaguchi's enthusiasm, when she said "I will do everything not to ruin the image of the Rehouse Girl" during her turn.

There will be 2 different versions of the commercial. As mentioned already, the commercial is bound to go on-air with the start of April.

Shots from the commercial itself:

The event (small pics):

The event (bigger pics):

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Ueto Aya's Voice  

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Sweet Kaede-chan
after the recording of my song

The staff and I had a golf match
together with some delicious coffee
Of course I won

(Note: The last gif says 'laugh' or 'smile' (or 'lol' for that matter))

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Eikura Nana's Blog  

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I saw the movie "Drop"!
As you know, I've seen Mizushima Hiro as Rihito-sama for the whole first 3 months of this year and here he is a that completely different, violent and brawling person, but it still was a really exciting to watch (laughs)
Everyone of the cast was so cool, but the part where the went back to the source of their badness was really sweet, it made me giggle out loud (o>v< o)

You all should definitely go and watch it too, so that we can share this feeling q(^-^q)

By the way, I've arrived in Okinawa!!
Whee~ ◎^▽^◎

But the picture revealed it anyway (+_+)

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Aragaki Yui in new commercial  

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Actress and singer Aragaki Yui (20) has been appointed as the new image character for Asahi Inryo and will appear in the new commercial for their drink called "Asahi 16cha" that will go on-air on March 31. Today was held a PR event with Aragaki as a guest to promote the new a drink and commercial.

"Asahi 16cha" has been the most popular drink of Asahi Inryo ever since it went on sale in 1993. This year it's celebrating its 16th anniversary and in order to celebrate it, they've put a lot of effort into improving the formula of the drink even more. As usual, an improved brand comes hand-in-hand with a new commercial and a strong marketing.

The newest catchphrase of "Asahi 16cha" is 'A good morning for your body, Asahi 16cha'. "It's an healthy drink that's refreshing and sweet and makes you able to be lively right from the morning." Popular actress Aragaki Yui had been chosen as the appropriate character to portray those values of "Asahi 16cha".

After the explanation of the new improved taste and a preview of the commercial, Aragaki Yui appeared on stage with the same outfit and bicycle as in the actual commercial. She drove on stage from the right side, but her long skirt got caught in the bicycle and she emited a cry. "I've actually practiced it before, but now I'm wearing this (long) skirt...," Aragaki explained and slightly embarrassed descended from the bicycle. "You broadcasted this, right?" Her face turned red in front of all the cameras.

The commercial was filmed in the early morning at the end of last year. "It was really cold when we filmed it last year, but I still had to try my best and maintain that vigorous image for the commercial." The host of the event then asked her about the time when she was 16 years old, since it's the 16th anniversary and all. "I've moved from Okinawa to Tokyo. It was the time when I was anxious about getting into senior high school. I've also started to work in TV at that time."

And to round-up the event, the host then seeked a final comment about "Asahi 16cha" from her. "This year is the anniversary of its name, but I would like for it to exist for the next 20 or even 100 years."

The commercial will air in 3 different versions, but they will all contain a vivid and charming Aragaki. Look forward to them, when they will go on-air this Tuesday.

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Horikita Maki in new "Tsubaki" CM  

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Shiseido's "Spring 09" edition of the commercial for their hair care brand "Tsubaki" will go on air on April 03rd. Horikita Maki (20) will join the Tsubaki group as the 6th actress and appear alongside the other 5 popular actresses Aoi Yuu (23), Suzuki Kyoka (40), Takeuchi Yuko (28), Nakama Yukie (29) and Hirosue Ryoko (28). As you can see, it's an amazing group of actresses already and Horikita's entry into that group can be seen as yet another step in becoming an adult. In the commercial she will have to appeal as a fresh and dignified "adult woman". The music for the CM will continue to be SMAP's "Dear WOMAN".

Visit www.pori-chan.com for more news about Horikita Maki.

Sakuraba Nanami first dorama starring role  

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Young actress Sakuraba Nanami (16) has been given the starring role in the NHK dorama called "Twin Spica" that will start in June. It will be her second big TV role after the TV Asahi's dorama special "Ghost Town no Hana" that aired on March 20.

The dorama is an live-action adaption of the popular sci-fi manga by Yaginuma Ko. The primary setting of Twin Spica is in the near future at the Tokyo Space Academy, where high school students train to become astronauts. Kamogawa Asumi (Sakuraba) has dreamed of going to space since she was a child. Her experiences in school and her relationships with her friends, family and teachers are the central themes of the story.

Sakuraba had to audition for the role like many others. "You had to show your appeal and go through a test to show your acting abilities. I was extremely nervous during the audition, because I absolutely wanted to get that role." When she was chosen for the role, she was so happy that even started to cry.

For NHK it was clear that Sakuraba is the most appropiate person for the role of Asumi. "She has a great pureness and an infinite potential hidden inside of her. The way she mastered all the tests made it clear, that she is the right person to play Asumi."

Sakuraba just debuted 1 year ago and became widely-known thanks to her commercial for Softbank. Her pretty looks and her friendly and cheerful character helped her to gain a lot of popularity in very short time. She doesn't lack the necessary will-power either. "It's a work that makes me feel so great, I can improve myself and build up my courage without having to give up my dream. I'll work with all my strength, so that a lot of people will watch it."

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Ishihara's Diary, Entry 137 (Mar.29)  

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Entry 137

☆ The end of Voice ☆

We had a formal ending for Voice one week after we've finished filming.
It was fun ♪
I've laughed a lot at the video the assistant director made for that occasion!
I was surprised at the performances of the staff and cast at the afterparty, they must have practiced it a lot! Everyone must have trained really hard since we've finished shooting, I was really impressed (o^_^o)
It was by far the most energetic ending party I've ever experienced.

After that I was able to have some nice and long talks with the people from the staff, something that wasn't really possible when we were still filming and I've enjoyed that time a lot.
It really is the best team!
Thank you for that unforgettable ending party!

While Voice is completed and it became a bit lonely, I'm also moving on to my next projects without any delay.

I had a short time off after we've finished filming, though.

First I slept deep and long...
It was a new record!
I lied down at 4 in the morning and woke up at 7 in the evening.
Eek! I've slept for 15 hours!!
And after that I even stayed in bed for another 4 hours...
The whole day was gone in a blink of time~ laughs

The next day
I made my hair a whole lot lighter, since I didn't really like it the whole time ♪
It's been a while since I've been at a hairdressing salon and while it was relaxing, it was also very refreshing to cut a lot of my hair ☆

And then
I finally had time to go out shopping again, it's been who knows how many months since I've last had the time for that.
And what I have been buying~~~~
I've bought so much!!
I was kinda embarrassed when I left, because I was carrying all those big bags when returning home (゜-゜)

After several months of hard work.
I've put on my newly purchased headphones and walked while listening to some shuffled music~ Western music, Japanese music, anime songs, etc.
For some reason I always started to walk in the rhythm of the current song ♪
I've really worked a lot
The feeling of achievement after finishing one project really made me all excited again.

And then
The two stage plays with Fujiwara Tatsuya and Yamazaki Ginnojou, I've always wanted to see those two and also the prviate screening of the movie "Yomei Ikkagetsu no Hanayome" (Eikura Nana), I've went to see them all.
Each of those were wonderful and stimulated me a lot.

Change of attitude!

From now on I will go to a lot of localities here,
before I become all busy again once we start filming for yet another new project!

I'm always wearing a kimono in my room now as a preparation ♪
It became much more easier for me to move than before p(^-^)q

Right now I'm reading a lot of scripts and books while occupying the backmost seat in a store of my home area.
Both projects are quite different from my role in Voice, of course.
I'd like to tackle both with all my strength!

I'll try my best!

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Trailer for "Umi no Ue no Kimi wa, Itsumo Egao"  

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The trailer for the feel-good teen drama movie "Umi no Ue no Kimi wa, Itsumo Egao." (You are always smiling, when you are on the sea.) starring Tanimura Mitsuki is out now. Wrapped in a typical road movie, it includes themes like environmental protection along the Kanagawa coast as well as youth programs in Fujisawa and Chigasaki.

Tanmiura Mitsuki plays an always positive 17-years old high school student and basketball player named Migiwa who is even going to become the captain of her school's basketball team in the next term. She has a secret crush on a boy named Riku (Sakurada Dori) and when he asks her if she surfs, she lies without thinking and says that she does. After that Migiwa has no other choice but to begin practicing on her own in order to cover for her lie. However, she then gets surprised by a wave and her surfboard, an important memento from her older brother drifts away. Panicked, she hops on her bike and pedals around the coastal area of Shonan looking for anywhere it may have washed up. On her travel she meets various people and experiences some personal growth.

It's slated for release in Japan on May 9th.

Here the trailer:

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Alarm from Meisa  

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I'm watching!
The finals of the Asian qualifications! (for the world cup)
Today I practiced for my stage play that starts in April and I also wore the outfit just like in the actual performance ♪
My body is still excited from practice and so I decided to turn on the TV and watch some soccer to relax, but now I'm supporting Japan
So basically I got excited all over again while watching~

Japan has to win!
Come on~ !!

I'm so happy that so many people watched Crows yesterday!
Thank you.
You have to check out
Crows Zero II in theaters, too ♪

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Inoue Mao's Staff Diary  

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Maou-chan graduated from university without any problems.

Those 4 years have been very tough while trying to manage both, her studies and her work. She went to school whenever she had time between filming, even if it meant to go there after filming the whole night long; she also did her homework and other papers at the sets as well, those are all some nice memories now.

And to everyone in her 5-man group of very close friends (they call themselves "The Candies") who always supported her at school, congratulations on graduating as well~!!

By the way, today she's already filming a movie again.
Though, I still can't give you any details yet...

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Eikura Nana's Blog  

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I asked for a bit more grated daikon to my dashi omelette...
It's a small tower~ (☆o☆)
How cute (*^ω^*)

I'll tell you more about my rumored sticker on another day ☆

Ah! The day after tomorrow I will visit Okinawa and Kagoshima to promote my movie!
Please, you have to try and come there )^o^(


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Translation trivia:
A "dashi omelette" or "dashimaki tamago" in Japanese is basically an omelette with dashi. Dashi is a Japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp. Daikon is a mild East Asian radish, but I guess most of you would know that already.. ^^

Horikita Maki and the world of flies  

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On Saturday was the opening day of the animated movie "Nat's Space Adventure 3D" (also known as "Fly Me to the Moon") and Horikita Maki (20) who worked as an voice actress for that movie attended a stage greeting event at the Shinjuku Wald 9 cinema complex in Tokyo.

The movie is an adventure story of a small fly dubbed by Horikita. With one of the exclusive 3D-glasses in her hands, she talked a bit about the fascination of this movie. "The intensity is amazing. It's just the right movie that you can enjoy with your family or friends now during the spring vacation and sakura blooming." The director Ben Stassen already proposed her the role of a sexy sea turtle in his next movie, but Horikita is a bit bewildered about this role. "Wouldn't that be difficult?" On stage she also expressed her new-found love for flies, when she noticed that some of the audience brought a fly swatter with them. "So far I've always seen them as some kind of enemies, but I now also came to appreciate them as some lovely creatures. The world of flies really has a lot of big obstacles and must be very tough."

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Oricon: Dramatic Love, Life and more  

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Oricon didn't just stop with asking people about the most dramatic life among celebrities, they combined the season of love and the popular term "dramatic". That spring is the season of love should be clear, but did you know that March 25 also a memorial day for term "dramatic" itself? It was in the year 1956 when Giant's placer Higasa Kazuo ended a game between arch enemies Japan and China with the first ever game-ending home run in a match between those two countries. This event is what made the word "dramatic" popular in Japan and Oricon today released a "dramatic" ranking of people and songs.

A dorama-worthy love story with one of the recent heroines

The female celebrity ranking especially seems to have girls that men want to protect. Another interesting point is that, unlike in the males category below, only the current top, active and young actresses seem to have made it into the ranking. "I like pretty women and it would be amazing, if you were able to dramatically fall in love with such a woman." (Man in his twenties from Miyagi)
Therefore it was easy for Aibu Saki to make it into the top list as last year's commercial queen. Ayase Haruka also gained a lot of popularity in the recent years.
It really comes down to one single reason for why men want to fall in love with the girls in the top5, because "they are cute." Are cute girls really that much more popular than beautiful girls these days?
On the first place we with have Ueto Aya who's most recent role was that of a rich daughter in "Celeb to Binbo Taro". Miyazaki Aoi had to live through the tragic life of the heroine in NHK's "Atsuhime" and her performance caused a huge boom around the person Atsuhime in general. Nagasawa Masami also became the main representative of "pure love" ever since her role in the movie "Crying out Love, in the Centre of the World".
"I want to experience a painful love like in those dorama." (Man in his fourties from Gifu) Men really empathy with the heroines in those dramatic love stories and will keep this image of that actress in their heart forever, or so it seems.

The female celebrities with who you want to experience a dramatic love life

  1. Ueto Aya
  2. Miyazaki Aoi
  3. Nagasawa Masami
  4. Aibu Saki
  5. Ayase Haruka

Ikemen + love + yourself = your ideal dramatic love

"Dramatic" usually isn't a word you associate with men, however, we are now living in an era full of different kind of men. The first place in the male category goes to Mizushima Hiro. Until March he played an extremely devoted super butler in the dorama "Mei-chan no Shitsuji". Many women would die for a man with such perfect manners and honorific way of speaking. It's against the rules for a butler and the rich daughter he serves to love each other, a perfect setting for a dramatic love life with many obstacles and apparently exactly what women are dreaming about these days... "I want my very own butler!" (Teenage girl from Osaka)
Matsumoto Jun on the 4th place also has to thank his image from doramas for his high position in this ranking. "I want a dramatic love life like in Hana Yori Dango!" (Teenage girl from Aichi)
Fukuyama Masaharu made it on the 2nd place and it seems like that he will forever have the image of an ikemen, although he will be turning 40 very soon.
Doumoto Kouichi is the pioneer of the prince image while Tamaki Hiroshi seems to attract the women with his 3 best points, his appearance, his voice and his sex appeal.
All the different standard types of ikement seem to have gathered in the ranking this time.

The male celebrities with who you want to experience a dramatic love life
  1. Mizushima Hiro
  2. Fukuyama Masaharu
  3. Doumoto Kouichi
  4. Matsumoto Jun
  5. Tamaki Hiroshi

When doramas become nonfiction

Celebrities who live a dramatic life
  1. Sawajiri Erika
  2. Matsuda Seiko
  3. Kitano Takeshi
  4. Tamura Hiroshi
  5. Amuro Namie

Songs that can create unforgettable moments

Music that fits for dramatic scenes
  1. Oda Kazumasa - "Love Story wa Totsuzen ni"
  2. Misia - "Everything"
  3. Southern All Stars - "Tsunami"
  4. Hirai Ken - "Hitomi wo Tojite"
  5. Ludwig van Beethoven - "Symphony No. 5 (Fate)"

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Inoue Mao Graduation  

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Inoue Mao Graduation Interview Clip

The written news is there:
Both Inoue Mao and Kitagawa Keiko graduated from Meiji University

The news clip is down here:

Source: Sports Hochi

Eikura Nana's Blog  

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I often get asked about the sticker on the back of my mobile phone.
"What's that?"
Well, I don't know either (;^_^A
A friend once put it there without asking and censored its eyes with a pen (━_━)
Though, it feels somewhat nice when you touch it lightly.

Today I have an interview for an article about the movie "Yomei Ikkagetsu no Hanayome"!
Such a pretty outfit ♪


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Both Inoue Mao and Kitagawa Keiko graduated from Meiji University  

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Yesterday (26th) actress Inoue Mao (22) graduated from the Meiji University and majored in Dramatics Arts after 4 years of studying in the School of Arts and Letters. The graduation ceremony took place in the Budokan in Tokyo.

"The graduation makes you feel happy, but also a bit lonely..," Inoue expressed at the ceremony. Looking back at her 4 years of college life brings nothing but a smile on her face. "I was able to graduate with all my friends in 4 years! My 5 female friends and I also went to Hawaii for our graduation trip!!" Inoue had her breakthrough in 2005 and 2007 with her role in the TBS hit-dorama "Hana Yori Dango". Apparently Inoue seems to be a bit reluctant when it comes to studying love. "One time we went to a joint party, but I only went as the counselor for my friend. I wanted to experience it at least once." The guys at the group date, however, must have been not too bad. "They were like the F4 of our Meiji University, but no match to the original."

Actress Kitagawa Keiko (22) also graduated from the Meiji University that day. Unlike Inoue, she was in the School of Commerce and came to an interview in Kanda-Surugada, Tokyo.

After the actual ceremony in the Nippon Budokan, Kitagawa appeared in a white and purple hakama. She made it through her 4 years without any troubles and was moved to tears when she looked back at how much support she received over the years. "My family and my agency, everyone around me supported me to their fullest. I nearly cried when I received my graduation certificate." Kitagawa also had the following to say about her college life. "It was so great that I was able to live an ordinary life with friends of my age. I would have prefered to stay there instead of graduating. It will be so lonely without that place now..."

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