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[2009-06-16] - (11:15)
Shinto Shrine

I'm here in the middle of doing an interview for a magazine. ♪
We just received at a Shinto shrine for the photo shooting (*´∇`) and...

My outfit is a yukata! ! ! ! ! !
Its colors and pattern is so extremely cute ☆ I'm loving it~

Come to think of it, it might be my first time wearing a yukata for work...probably, yeah...!

An all-new Umika~~~~~゜+。(*′∇`)。+゜

I'll inform you again as soon as I may say more. ♪



[2009-06-16] - (22:18)


Those upturned eyes are a crime...
Too cute for words ♪ Vanilla-san (´`)

Sorry for acting like an over fond parent.
But when I didn't look, she ate all the eggs we wanted to use to make omelets filled with fried rice for dinner! First I was surprised and didn't know what happened, but... φ(.. ;)

This rascal~! ! !

I properly scolded her and told her that she can't do that.
Still, she's so cute ← ← ←



[2009-06-17] - (21:10)
The last episode

Finally the last episode today. (´`) I wonder what will happen.

"Aishiteru ~Kaiyo~"
NTV, 22pm

Moreover it will have a runtime of 75min, 15min longer than usual. ☆

YOU CAN NOT MISS IT!!!! I'll also try to get home early~

In the photo you can see the studio ☆ Kinda amazing. (。・ω・。)



[2009-06-18] - (00:32)
Aishiteru ~Kaiyo~

The last episode finished at last. (´Д`)

How was it? Each family had a different appearance, but they all made some steady progress. I also watched it on-air and somehow it resounded my heart.
You could feel that "family" is really important.

First of all I'm very happy that I was able to play the role of Mihoko, because this dorama taught me a lot of things.
I'm the most fortunate person, because I got blessed with such a wonderful work, such wonderful actors, such a wonderful crew and not to forget our viewers. ♪

As Mihoko-chan I was able to learn a lot of things. I learned something new in each and every moment! Of course, there have also been times when I didn't know how to do something or times when I've been very worried, but I always received the help from all kinds of people. Thanks to that I was able to hang in there and give my best.

Truly, truly thank you very much! ☆ It's always so sad when the last episode is approaching...
I think I should be able to grow like Mihoko-chan using the experience I had. (´`) I'll keep on trying my best! ! ! !

Please keep on supporting me as well.

In the photo you can see an all-new uniform. ♪ It's the senior high-school version of Mihoko. (*´∇`) There's another photo!!!!!

I received them today. ♪ Aragaki Yui-san's new album "hug".

Hugs! Hugs are the best! ! *laughs*
I didn't listen to it yet, but I'll tell you as soon as I did. ☆ Please check it out, too!

And guess what! The topmost song on the CD is "Utsushi E", the one where I appeared in the music video. (*/ω\*) It makes me so happy~



[2009-06-18] - (15:12)

The official ending party of Aishiteru is happening now. +。(*′∇`)。+゜

We started with bowling since noon. ♪ This is so much fun!!!!
However, bowling to celebrate the end of a dorama is new.

I didn't bowl for about 2 years, but I'm still trying my best. ☆



[2009-06-18] - (19:15)

We've finished our bowling tournament and there's a bit of time until the next meeting. We'll go to a café together with everyone from the cast and the staff. (*/ω\*)

Today I was able to meet Shion-kun again, he played the role of Kiyotan. ♪ He was cute as ever! *laughs*
[Note: Sato Shion, he's 7 years old and plays Ozawa Kiyotaka in the dorama.]

And I got tricked by Kakazu Issei-kun who played Tomoya! (_´Д`)ノ~~ *laughs* Doesn't it look like a normal bread in the photo!? But if you look more closely...

It's a key chain.

I thought it's bread. Bleh~~~~~~ (´Д`)

Shion-kun and Issei-kun are like siblings to me... adorable ☆ *laughs*


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thanks for these blog's translations and for the news about her doing another CM

Thanks HP :) Wish I would've forced myself to watch Aishiteru for Umika haha... Her blogs always make me laugh.

She got all three version of Hugs! I wan them all,too.

Will we see Umika-chan in yukata?

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