Kawashima Umika's Blog (2009-04-28)  

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I went to record some program ('∀'●)

I think that probably a lot of people are watching this program. I'm also usually one of its viewers, so I've been quite nervous.

I'm not sure whether I can already tell you what program it is, but I'd like to tell you as soon as I get the affirmation! Please look forward to it ♪

Afterwards I also even went to the recording of "9nine nandesu"...
Man... really difficult... so many things...

It airs every Saturday at 10pm on NACK5! I'm a regular! There are probably some who haven't listened to it yet ☆

Today's recording will air on May 2, so don't miss it p(^^)q


- "9nine nandesu" is a radio show of the idol-pop group Umika is a member of
- Btw, you can always click on her picture to get the full-sized version, the same goes for Kitano Kie's picturese

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Kitano Kie's Blog (2009-04-28)  

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Stage play "Musashi"

A few days ago, I went to to see Suzuki An-senpai's performance in the stage play called "Musashi" (≧∇≦)

I thought that the speech of that period would be difficult, but it was very easy to understand and stuff like the negotiation between Oguri-san (Oguri Shun) and Fujiwara-san (Fujiwara Tatsuya) where they added some ad lib was really amusing ★

An-chan was cute and her dignified appeareance too good to describe with words, especially her speaking was so amazing that it was very easy to understand each word, even though it seemed like she didn't use a microphone at all (o^∀^o)

Of course, all the co-actors next to An-chan have been amazing as well, stage plays by Ninagawa-san (director Ninagawa Yukio) really are able to make 3 hours pass by in the blink of time, I compleeeetely enjoyed it to the fullest o(`▽´)o

"Musashi" is about people who risked their lifes in a war that got caused by only some trivial matters, it really gives you the feeling that your life is something valuable.

I could keep on talking about the completely unexpected twist at the end that really surprised me. You guys should definitely try to go and see it whenever you have the time (*^o^*)

And now, did you see the Sea Breeze CM??

I'm playing quite a psyched and lively girl \(^ー^)/

Please use Sea Breeze when you are sweating in summer ♪

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Alarm from Meisa (2009-04-29)  

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Today again

Making songs with jeff-san after a long time again!!
It's a nice feeling~ ♪

I'll work hard so you will be able to listen to them soon!!

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Takaoka denies divorce rumors  

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In the early dawn of Tuesday, actor Takaoka Shousuke (27) appeared on a radio program and denied any rumors about a possible divorce with actress Miyazaki Aoi (23). Rumors about an upcoming divorce started, when Takaoka was accused of adultery with a former 19 years-old gravure idol. On the program he also completey denied the reports of his supposed adultery. "I apologize to my wife about my careless actions, we are both getting along really well with each other and have a happy marriage", he revealed. Takoka spoke very fondly of their relationship and talked about their holiday plans.

Takaoka appeared on the radio program called "Shirota Yuu's All-Night Nippon" and made a few things clear that circulated in the press. He talked about their holidays plans and made an unexpected 'public apology' to his wife.

"We won't be able to go on a big trip, but I would at least like to go watch a stage play together with my wife." He also adressed that he has always been faithful to her. "I caused her a lot of trouble. It's a fact that my thoughtless actions caused some misunderstandings. I'd like to apologize for that. I already spoke with my wife and told her, 'Excuse me for my actions (that got misunderstood as adultery)'. We are getting along in perfect harmony and enjoy our life as married couple."

Rumors about a possible divorce sparked in February this year. A female magazine reported how he held hands with a former gravure idol on his birthday party, accompanied her to her home and stood there with her for about 3 hours. The agency of that idol then explained that all she did was looking after him, since he got really drunk. Apparently all she did was giving him some water to drink.

In an interview for the movie "ROOKIES" he got asked about the matter, but he refused to talk in order not to disturb his co-actors that attended the event with him. Now finally spoke about those rumors for the first time to Shirota Yuu, who appeared together with him in the above mentioned movie.

"There have been divorce and even DV (domestic violence) rumors. I thought I finally had to deny those. There have been no acts whatsoever related to adultery at all. I'm very sorry for all the trouble it caused for that other person." He commented in a sincere manner.

Takaoka and Miyazaki have been friends for almost 7 years and eventually married the year before last. Since then their eternal love has never changed, despite all the actual changes in their surroundings. On the program he also revealed a cute little story about Miyazaki and the bentos (lunch boxes) she once made for him.

"Is it okay to talk about our love life? At the time when I took a break from work and did daily employment like unloading things, my wife made me bentos. She did it completely out of her own. She put it into Hello Kitty tupperware boxes and made it so pretty, that alone made me so incredible happy."

It really seems that they are living a happy life. Takaoka finally talked about all the rumors that caused him and his wife a lot of trouble. I personally still think that this story with that gravure idol is a bit fishy, especially when you look at a few more facts that got triggered by this 'rumor'. For the sake of Miyazaki, let's just hope he says the truth and that he really has been faithful to her all the time.

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Narumi Riko, Kitano Kie co-star in kendo story  

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Young actresses Narumi Riko (16) and Kitano Kie (18) are set to co-star in a new film from director Furumaya Tomoyuki ("Robocon," "Homeless Chugakusei"). "Bushido Sixteen" is based on a novel by writer Honda Tetsuya, revolving around two female kendo fighters.

Narumi plays Kaori, who has been a top kendo fighter since she was young. On the other hand, Kitano plays Sanae, an ordinary girl who has casually continued with kendo. During a tournament at the end of junior high, Kaori improbably loses to Sanae, and she begins to hold a grudge while Sanae completely forgets the whole thing. When the two wind up at the same high school, their confrontations lead them both to grow up.

Both Narumi and Kitano had no experience in kendo before this, so they spent about two months training for the roles. Filming has already started, and Furumaya is expecting to complete the film for a spring 2010 release. The original novel has so far had two sequels - aptly titled "Bushido Seventeen" and "Bushido Eighteen" - so there appears to be some hope for additional movies as well.

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Jyongri tries acting in TBS drama  

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Singer-songwriter JYONGRI (20) is making her true acting debut next month. She has been cast in the two-part TBS drama "Kimi no Sei," based on a mobile phone romance novel published last year.

The drama stars Tanaka Kei and Ishibashi Natsumi. The supporting cast includes Kudo Risa, JYONGRI, and Keisuke Ulful, who is also making his first appearance in a television drama.

In addition to her acting role, JYONGRI is providing an insert song for the drama, titled "Maybe Someday." The single goes on sale April 29.

"Kimi no Sei" will air late at night (12:29am) on May 4-5.

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Oricon: ideal younger sister  

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In a recent Oricon survey, Koike Teppei ranked #1 as the male celebrity that people would want as a younger brother. The same survey also asked about younger sisters, finding that talento Becky was the most popular choice as a sibling.

Becky's cheerful and lively image was a strong factor in her popularity, though some women focused on her fashion sense, commenting that they would really want to go shopping with her.

The cute smile of actress Aragaki Yui fueled her to the #2 spot, just ahead of 9-year-old Ohashi Nozomi, who got her big break with Miyazaki Hayao's animated picture "Gake no Ue no Ponyo."

  1. Becky
  2. Aragaki Yui
  3. Ohashi Nozomi
  4. Ueto Aya
  5. Shida Mirai
  6. Horikita Maki
  7. Nagasawa Masami
  8. Miyazaki Aoi
  9. misono
  10. Ayase Haruka

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Golden Eggs Vol. 40 (2008) - Kawashima Umika  

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As requested per mail, here now an older Golden Eggs feature about young actress Kawashima Umika. I hope that person who requested it will see it on here! ^^


Golden Eggs Vol. 40 (2008)
Kawashima Umika

Kawashima Umika, she's an active junior high school student who had her dorama debut with her role in the TBS dorama "Dare Yorimo Mama wo Ai su" back in 2006. In 2008 she enthusiastically played the younger sister of actor Miura Haruma in "Bloody Monday" (TBS) and right now you can see her in the Spring dorama "Aishiteru". What is this person that even already released her 2nd photo book really like...?

- Name: Kawashima Umika
- Born: 1994-03-03
- Birthplace: Saitama
- Height: 152cm
- Bloodtype: O
- Hobbies/Skills: Piano

"Usually it's me who gets taken advantage of..."

In 'Bloody Monday' she played the younger sister Haruka of the protagonist Fujimaru , a senior high school student with incredible hacking skills. She got kidnapped by terrorists and even got a timebomb wrapped around herself by them.

"That was tough (laughs). I fainted and didn't have to say anything, but I had to be tied throughout the whole filming, because the chains were too difficult to take off. I wasn't able to move for 3 hours and got stiff shoulders the next day (laughs)."

She played the younger sister that was all loved by her older brother Fujimaru, but that role was actually difficult for her to play. "It was difficult, because I had to behave like a spoiled child for the first time. I have a younger brother and a younger sister, so it's me who usually gets taken advantage of." Umika-chan is basically a short and lovely person, but she's also calm and strong, all the charms of an eldest daughter.

By the way, Haruka's strong point were here cooking skills, but in Umika-chan's case.. "I can't cook at all," she admits with a bitter smile. "I can light the stove, though (laughs). I once tried to cook with instructions from a book, but when I finished, all I got asked was 'What's this? What did you make?' (laughs)" However, it still was fun for her to try it out.

She also already released her 2nd photo book in 2008. Parts of the photos were done in Amami Ooshima. "The stars were so beautiful at night and I looked out for any shooting stars with a certain wish in mind, but couldn't find any..." Umika-chan really has a problem with her shortness and follows a lot of rules in order to grow taller and that wish she talked about, it actually was nothing more but the wish to grow taller.

Umika-chan got scouted in primary school long before she got interested in the world of show business. Now she already has been a regular in 2-3 doramas. "At first I didn't think I would be able to overcome my shyness, but I gradually was able to change myself in a very big way." This year she became a senior high school student, too. She had very innocent thoughts about that step like, "After school I'd like to go to places like Shibuya with my friends and have a meal with them", but she's also full of sincere ambitions. "At work and in my private life, I can't let my growth come to an halt and because of that I would like to absorb lots of various things."

"Usually I hold back all my emotions and explode quietly (laughs)"

"Of course there have been a lot of difficult things ever since I started to work, but there also have been a lot of enjoyable things. However, when I appeared in a movie for the first time, I once again experienced all the difficulties of acting." With this she brought up her first and so far only movie role in the 2007 movie 'Life - Tengoku de Kimi ni Aetara'.

Based on a true story, the movie follows the life of 38 years-old Iijima Natsuki, a windsurfer from Japan, as he battles and ultimately loses his life to liver cancer. Umika-chan played the daughter of Iijima. Her role holds a lot of grudge against her father who always used to put the surfer contests above his family. The terrible diagnosis of her father doesn't make her instantly become more obedient either. "Fun, sad, angry... it was really difficult to express all those different emotions."

There is one especially impressive scene where she's windsurfing and falling down. Umika-chan herself wasn't able to practice it a lot, "I was too afraid of falling down." This then develops into a scene where her father comes to help her with the surfing and her feelings simply explode. "Usually I hold down all my feelings and explode quietly, so I had to try really hard to show my emotions in a big way."

As mentioned above, the story of that film is based on a true story and so they even had the chance to meet the real Iijima Natsuki. He gave her a lot of pressure with his words, 'You have to make sure to do it right.' - "It was just 1 line, but it really made me think about my way of speaking, I even had to ask the director for advice... my mind simply went BANG (laughs)."

However, as time passed she was able to calm down herself again by telling herself that 'she should just go out and act.' "I don't think that it has to be absolutely truthful to the original. Is that even possible? I performed with those thoughts in mind. It completely changed my way of thinking when acting (laughs)."

It's a typical movie about 'life and death' and such movies are usually even able to change your own way of living. "I started to realize that you should spend your time carefully. The time I spend in bed during my days off decreased (laughs). It might be an effect of this movie."

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Alarm from Meisa (2009-04-27)  

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Yesterday was the final performance of "Akai Shiro Kuroi Suna"!
It truly feels lonely to say goodbye to everyone I've been together with for about 2 months...
When leaving the venue for the last time, I wasn't able to say anything.
However, as Nakamura Shidou already said in his speech yesterday, in order to be able to wholeheartedly call each other with "Yo!" the next time we meet, we all just have to keep wanting to look forward to meet each other again and put all our might into each of our individual projects.

I'm thankful that I've been able to meet such fantastic comrades.
Also thanks to everyone who came and watched those performances of my comrades and I.

Today I immediately went to the announcement of my next stage play called "Onna Nobunaga"! I had an interview for TV Asahi and chatted with announcer Yajima Yuko ♪

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Eikura Nana's Blog (2009-04-27)  

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[2009-04-27] - (15:31)

I got to appear on "Lincoln" that airs tomorrow at 10pm!
I was able to spend really enjoyable time with all those great people around me and that incredible delicious ramen (o^v^o)
Please, you absolutely have to watch it m(__)m

Now will be the 2nd preview screening of "Yomei Ikkagetsu no Hanayome".
Before watching my own performance, I always almost start to feel like when I'm about to ride a roller coaster.


Not long and it will even become open to public.

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Movies in May - Trailer Show  

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Like last month, here now all the plots and trailers/teaser for the Japanese movies (with at least 1 actress in one of the main roles) that get releases in Japanese cinemas in May.

May 01st

Over 35,000 people already attended the preview screenings all across the nation. 3 years of production, tons of high-class actors and actresses, over 100 sets, over 300 staff members, over 1000 extras and over 2000 CG-Cuts. Japan starts the summer blockbuster season with what could be a real masterpiece and sets the bar high for what there is to come. Actor Eguchi Yosuke and "Oscar-Actress" Hirosue Ryoko in the two main starring roles, but list of the cast is much longer than that (eg. Sato Eriko, Toda Erika, Tsuruta Mayu and so on).

Plot: In 1582 Oda Nobunaga was on the verge of conquering all of Japan, but was forced to commit suicide at Honno-ji Temple by one of his generals, Akechi Mitsuhide. Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Nobunaga’s top general, overthrew Akechi a few days later and completed Nobunaga’s dream of unifying Japan under one ruler. The world was at peace for a time, but soon a ninja bandit named Ishikawa Goemon (Eguchi Yosuke) appeared, using his super-human abilities to steal from the rich and give to the poor—a habit which cemented his reputation as a hero to commoners everywhere. One night while looting treasure from Nanban (Southern Barbarians), Goemon finds a mysterious box hidden inside a secret grave. A forgotten relic from the past containing untold powers, it isn’t long before Ishida Mitsunari, Kirigakure Saizo, Tokugawa Ieyasu, and Hattori Hanzo are all in persuit of the box for their own purposes.


May 09th
The Code

For 60 years, the group of detectives known as "Detective Office 5" has raised the bar for detective work. The agents of Detective Office 5 are a group of stellar detectives lead by the genius code breaker Detective 507 (Onoe Kikunosuke). When an unknown client enlists 507 to crack his most difficult programming code yet, the detective embarks for Shanghai where he crosses paths with a sniper, an informant, the head of the Blue-Dragon Mafia, and beautiful singer on the run, Meilan (Inamori Izumi). As 507 stumbles deeper into a twisted quagmire of intrigue he discovers the sad truth behind the mystery. (..also with Kanjiya Shihori and others)


May 09th
Yomei Ikkagetsu no Hanayome

On April 5, 2007, a couple married in a church (Eikura Nana and Eita). At first glance, it was a typical wedding. The bride, however, was suffering from late-stage breast cancer and had been given only a month to live. Based on the true story of Nagashima Chie, a women afflicted with breast cancer and her husband Akasu Taro. Nagashima's story was also told in a 2007 TBS documentary.


May 16th
Donju (Dumb Animal)

An especially dull-witted young novelist named Dekoyan (Asano Tadanobu) goes missing and a subsequent investigation uncovers various plots by his friends to murder him—presumably for revealing a childhood secret through the increasingly-popular stories. Regardless of the absurd methods they used in their murder attempts, however, they just couldn't seem to finish him off. The screenplay is based on a Kudo Kankuro play and was adapted by Kudo himself. Stars actresses like Maki Yoko, Minamino Yoko and Satsukawa Ami.


May 29th
Blood: The Last Vampire

In the fall of 1966, tensions run high on the U.S. Air Force base in Japan on the eve of the Vietnam War. After a series of suspicious suicides in a nearby town, an additional threat has infiltrated the military compound - vampires. A covert team of government agents committed to the elimination of vampires dispatch a mysterious young woman named Saya (Jun Ji Hyun), who in the guise of a schoolgirl, must uncover the origin of the demonic plague, eliminate the ghastly beasts and stop their reign of terror before time runs out. She is the last remaining original. Japanese actress Koyuki plays Onigen, Saya's nemesis.


Sometime in May..
Hijoshi zukan

Takashi Shimizu has put together a 6-part (7 if you count his own introduction) omnibus film by six different directors called Hijoshi Zukan. Each segment features a unique female protagonist in an unexpected situation. The film will begin screening at Theater Tsutaya in Shibuya in May.

Interesting for us are Adachi Rika (16) in part 1, Yamasaki Mami (23) in part 2 and Naka Riisa (19) in part 6, but of course all of them actresses are great nonetheless. ^^

Eikura Nana's Blog (2009-04-26)  

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[2009-04-26] - (18:44)
Today ☆

Recording of a variety show~ (・∀・)
I'm just about to go out!

Nervous (+_+)

Still a little bit of free time (+_+)

See you later (・∀・)

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Watari, Ueto play father and daughter in drama special  

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Veteran actor Watari Tetsuya is teaming up with actress Ueto Aya as co-stars in a TV Asahi drama special called "Kekkon." The drama comes from screenwriter Hashida Sugako and producer Ishii Fukuko, who have previously worked together on the TBS series "Wataru Seken wa Oni Bakari."

As the title suggests, the show is a family dama revolving around the topic of marriage. Ueto plays the only child of Watari and his wife (played by Takahashi Keiko). Tokushige Satoshi takes on the role of Ueto's prospective partner, the only son of another couple (Saigo Teruhiko and Wakao Ayako).

This is actually Watari's third time as lead actor in a drama special by the screenwriter-producer combo of Hashida and Ishii. The first two - "Omoide Kakurenbo" in 2000 and "Fuufu" in 2006 - both had over 20% ratings.

TV Asahi has not yet determined a broadcast date for "Kekkon," but the network has said that they plan to air it before the end of this year.

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Oricon: most beautiful people  

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American magazine People will soon be releasing its "100 Most Beautiful People" list, so Oricon has put together a small survey about "beautiful" Japanese celebrities. 1,000 men and women participated in the survey, which asked about both male and female celebrities.

The #1 answer for male celebrities was young actor Mizushima Hiro (25), though the survey was conducted just before he announced his marriage to singer Ayaka (21). Among female celebrities, the recently divorced Fujiwara Norika (37) was the #1 choice.


  1. Fujiwara Norika
  2. Yoshinaga Sayuri
  3. Nakama Yukie
  4. Koyuki
  5. Kuroki Hitomi
  6. Matsushima Nanako
  7. Ito Misaki
  8. Takeuchi Yuko
  9. Shibasaki Kou
  10. Kuroki Meisa

  1. Mizushima Hiro
  2. Gackt
  3. Fukuyama Masaharu
  4. Kimura Takuya
  5. HYDE
  6. Tamaki Hiroshi
  7. Okada Junichi
  8. Domoto Koichi
  9. Takizawa Hideaki
  10. Tanihara Shosuke

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Ishihara's Diary, Entry 142 (Apr.24)  

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Entry 142

I had the privilege of appearing in the PV of DEEN's new song "Celebrate" that goes on sale on April 29.

This song gave me a wonderful feeling when I was listening to it.
I already stated in my radio show that my favorite part of the lyrics is right in the middle of the song, when the tension is suddenly rising. The deep thoughts about that certain important person are conveyed by straight phrases that flow with the melody. Unlike the usual made-up beautiful phrases and twisted way of speaking, he simply sings the most wanted phrases in a very mild voice.

Thank you - I love you

Those are some of the strongest phrases.
I'm totally in love with it, the song I mean (^-^)

The song was created as a wedding song and even if I don't have any plans myself yet, those lyrics might have still been able to fill me with ambition, pain and some form of courage.

If that song could even increase your feelings for the person you love or if you could nonchalantly sing that song together at a karaoke...
That would make me happy. (laughs)

Last year 3 of my friends married at once.
Recently we watched the recorded video from the wedding reception of another friend who also got married just a few days ago.

It's the same feeling every time, every time I hear about such happiness of a friend or colleague that passed the twenties, that painful feeling of drifting further and further away. I'm imagining all the hardships those two must have overcome in their own world that is unknown to me. However, the more I see the happiness of those two people, the more I become desperate on my end ('-^*)

The word marriage still seems like something far away in my life, but
I'm 22 now
...I'm already 22

I think that affinity is everything
and that there is no such thing as "marriageable age", and yet I still started to talk much more about marriage in general and so on with my close friends, my manager or my mother recently. You could think that there would be different opinions as soon as the conversation turns towards the question about the age.

However, each and everyone is basically saying the same...
They say:

"In Satomi's case...
Well, you are unmistakably slow regarding marriage, aren't you~?
You can't even imagine with what kind of person you'd like to get married."

"Nobody knows what's going to happen in life!"
Is how I would like to show off, but I myself know it better than anyone else...
That it is still a very far away thing

All the things in my head, the big dreams, all the stuff I want to do
Everything is buried under the word called work...

That's the reason why I'm so happy that I was able to get wrapped up in that warm athmosphere of this PV (。・_・。)ノ

A few days ago I had a cover shooting for the magazine called "25ans Wedding".

Fujiwara Michiko made my make-up
and Ichikura Kazuo took the photos!

Don't miss its release ♪♪

"Saka no Ue no Kumo", that PV, the magazine cover, etc.
Lately I do a lot with marriage, but...

It's the complete opposite in my private life (laughs)

I'm suddenly all fired up for work ( ̄□ ̄)!

I'll do my best!!!

Ishihara Satomi

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Ueto Aya's Voice 2009-04-24  

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Me on one day...
How embarrassing
And I wondered since when it became that heavy!! (laughs)
By the way, that skirt... it was a Birthday present from lovely Becky
She has the same

Do you know about Animal Therapy?
"nicola" and "H" made me relax a bit, I got Ito-san here as assistant at work
Then I even got to eat the dessert at Celeb De Tomato
The tomatoes were so delicious, there is no word to describe their sweetness
That day I was able to study my lines since morning

It was my mother's birthday
We've celebrated together with the family of her eldest son and Aya's friends

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Eikura Nana's Blog (2009-04-24)  

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[2009-04-24] - (23:16)
Hair Change ☆

That's how it looks (/ ̄∀ ̄)/
I've made a short cut once again!
Long hair, short hair, mash hair...
There are various opinions, aren't there?
Well, hair grows again anyway, so I'd like to enjoy various styles ((o(^-^)o))

Ah, thanks for all those who watched Food Prejudice King yesterday m(__)m
I'm going to appear on a lot more variety shows from now on, so please give me your support m(__)m

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Alarm from Meisa (2009-04-23)  

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Today I received those beautiful flowers from somebody who came to see the performance! I put them in a vase and placed them in my room ♪

I think that having greenery and plants in your room is really nice! They absorb the stress you have inside of you put your heart at ease ☆

Very soon will be the final performance!
I'll keep on doing my best in each and every performance until the end!.

Some of you will come and watch it tomorrow, right?
I'll be waiting for you!!

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Toda Erika as "fresh office lady"  

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Yet another news about Toda Erika this week. From the 25th on we will be able to see her as an active and systematic OL (office lady) in the new commercial for the "Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ" card loan services.

In the "plan to go drinking safely" edition as they call it, Toda plays a new OL who is on her way to a get-together with her coworkers and happens to encounter the chief of their department. However, beforehand she prepared herself with an umbrella in case of such a situation and opened it to hide herself behind it. She's successfully able to avoid the chief. That wraps up the theme of a safe get-together or drinking party.

Toda herself is as beautiful as always. She looks very natural as an OL and when all the salary men or office ladies are going to see her smile, they'll instinctly be able to empathy with her.


I will spice up this news with some more recent scans that show how her upcoming photo book "Vivace" (May 1st) is going to look like. Recently I already posted the WPB scans and this time it's 3 pages from YoungJump. Enjoy~

Not my scans!

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Ishihara Satomi in last Zatoichi movie  

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Yesterday it has been announced that Ishihara Satomi will play Ichi's wife Tane in the upcoming final feature film in the Zatoichi franchise called "Zatoichi: The Last" directed by Sakamoto Junji (Chameleon, Children of the Dark).

Katori Shingo (32), the youngest member of J-pop/entertainment uber group SMAP, will be taking on the role of the blind swordsman as he tries to settle down with his new wife (Ishihara). However, during the journey to her hometown he's once again provoked into battle.

The role of Zatoichi was originally played by actor, producer, and director Katsu Shintaro in a television series (1974-1979) and 26 films from 1962-1989. After his death in 1997 the next filmmaker to pick up the mantle was Kitano Takeshi, who directed, wrote, and starred in a 2003 film titled simply "Zatoichi". Then in 2008 Sori Fumihiko turned the franchise on its head by casting young actress Haruka Ayase as the lead in "Ichi".

Filming of the latest incarnation began in Yamagata in March and Toho's plan is to have it ready for Cannes in 2010.

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Ishihara's Staff Report 2009-04-23  

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PV Filming

She's appearing in the music video of DEEN's new song "Celebrate".
I'm now showing you how the actual filming went.

It was an enjoyable filming in that house studio.
In the bottom row you can see photos of the monitor from the filming.
You can watch the music video on the web, so please check it out ♪

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