Movies in March  

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Here some movies to look out for in cinemas in March.
There are no interesting Japanese DVD releases in March as far as I know.

March 7, 2009
The Glorious Team Batista 2:
The Triumphal Return of General Rouge

In this sequel to 2008 hit, "The Glorious Team Batista", Taguchi (Takeuchi Yuko) and Shiratori (Hiroshi Abe) return to investigate the suspicious connection between a charismatic emergency physician (Masato Sakai) and a medical manufacturer which loses its top executive to suicide as soon as the investigation begins.

March 7, 2009

A live action feature based on the classic Tatsunoko cartoon series. A trio of baddies (with female boss Fukada Kyoko) search for a stone that has the power to reveal the largest veins of gold on Earth, but are constantly thwarted by the "Yatterman" (including Fukuda Saki) duo. Also of interest is the cute young actress Okamoto Anri.

March 14, 2009
Koikyokusei (Days With You)

Toda Erika plays Natsuki, a young girl living in Hokkaido who takes care of her autistic younger brother. One day she is reunited with a childhood love named Souta (Kazuki Kato), whom she hasn’t seen since he moved to Canada 11 years earlier. He moved back to Japan 4 years ago, but chose to go to a university in Tokyo, causing Natsuki to feel somewhat betrayed and disappointed. Due to the heavy responsibility on Natsuki’s shoulders, she hasn’t experienced much happiness since the death of her father, but Souta’s kindness gradually brings a smile back to her face. They finally plan a date, but for some reason Souta doesn’t show up at the agreed time. Eventually she’s made aware of a terrible twist of fate that could interrupt the reunited couple’s happiness.

March 14, 2009
Honokaa Boy

A love-scorned college student (Masaki Okada) travels to Hawaii and meets various people who have an impact on him, not the least of which being an older woman whom he falls in love with (Hasegawa Jun). Aoi Yuu is also appearing in a side role.

March 20, 2009
Fish Story

Based on a novel by Kotaro Isaka, ‘Fish Story’ weaves together several seemingly separate storylines taking place at different points in time over a 37-year span to explain how a little-known punk rock song can save the world. Yoshihiro Nakamura (The Foreign Duck, the Native Duck and God in a Coin Locker, The Glorious Team Batista) directs.
In 1975, an unpopular Japanese punk band called “Gekirin” (Imperial Wrath) starts work on their 3rd album. Unfortunately the band is a little ahead of its time; punk won’t be marketable until the Sex Pistols debut in the UK the following year. Due to nonexistent sales, their record company decides to drop them and they break up soon after recording their final song: “Fish Story”.
In 1982 a timid college student named Masashi (Gaku Hamada) becomes fascinated by strange rumors surrounding the song. Apparently, at a certain point in the recording there is a brief interlude where you can hear a woman scream. Later, he meets a mysterious woman at a party who inexplicably predicts that he will save the world one day.
In 2009 a teenager named Asami (Tabe Mikako) falls asleep during a school field trip and gets left behind on a boat. Initially distraught, she’s eventually consoled by a kindly cook. Suddenly, men with guns storm in and attempt a boat-jacking.
In 2012 a huge comet can be seen in the sky on a path to destroy Earth. The US has failed in their attempt to blow it up and with only 5 hours left before impact, all major city streets are completely abandoned. That is, except for one record store that continues business as usual. Within the store, “Fish Story” can be heard playing on an old turntable.
Every previously unconnected event is eventually tied together as a song that transcends time and space somehow manages to change the fate of the world.

March 20, 2009
Dance, Subaru!

Subaru (Kuroki Meisa) and her twin brother Kazuma dream of someday becoming ballet dancers, but are consistently discouraged by their dad. When Kazuma dies of a hereditary illness, Subaru focuses all her effort on dance on his behalf. One day she meets a cabaret owner named Isuzu (Kaori Momoi) who notices Subaru’s raw talent and offers to train her. She’s a quick learner, and soon decides to step her goals up a notch by entering an international dance competition that could net her a scholarship to one of the most prestigious ballet companies in the world. The road is not an easy one, as Subaru is forced to deal with rivalries, betrayal, and other hardships along the way. Ultimately, the experience teaches her and her friends more about themselves, and life in general.

March 20, 2009
Tsurikichi Sanpei

In this live-action adaptation of Takao Yaguchi’s classic fishing manga, Kenta Suga stars as Sanpei Mihira, the young boy with a knack for angling. Filling out the other main roles are Tsunehiko Watase as Ippei Mihira, Takashi Tsukamoto as pro fisherman Gyoshin Ayukawa, and Kashii Yu as Mihira Aiko.

Naka Riisa not allowed to drink wine in "Kami no Shizuku"  

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Naka Riisa (19) who can currently be seen in the NTV dorama "Kami no Shizuku" is perhaps one of the most vigorious young actresses you can find in the industry right now. Not only has she been chosen as "The Face" of the current year by the monthly magazine "Nikkei TRENDY", she has also steadily improved her skills during her competition with the countless of other actresses among her age. Naka is still young and a few months away from turning 20, but she's already full of ambitions. "I hate to be put on the shoes of the pure and innocent girls. I'd like to become an actress who can do anything."

Such an innocent smile and yet such a powerful character. "Genuineness" is probably the perfect word to describe her. Last year she appeared in the Fuji TV dorama "Hachi-One Diver" and in the movie "Jun Kissa Isobe". Naka is an actress who steadily climbs up the stairs of her young career. "There are a lot of shining stars around me (in my generation of actresses). It's a very tough world. I think it's very important to be different at something." She is somebody who does things in her own pace, she has an incredible ability to tell a story in a very heartwarming way and above all possesses strength.

Her current dorama "Kami no Shizuku" with Kamenashi Kazuya in the starring role is all about wine. Naka plays the role of Shinohara Miyabi, a sommelier apprentice. It's an important role in the story and could be described as the partner of the main character Shizuku.

Wine is an essential item in the dorama, but Naka is still a minor and therefore she always only gets grapejuice instead. "It's difficult to draw a connection between the lines I say and what I know, because I don't know anything about it. I would have prefered to be able to drink real wine and act upon knowing the taste of it." It was a trial and error when performing the role, but it also had positive aspects. "I've learned a lot about wine, that's a good thing." She loves to act, so it can't be helped if there are such problems.

In October she will turn 20. She's still dreaming about having a starring role someday. "I'd be really thankful for it to happen someday, but now...? I think there would be a lot of pressure. Would my abilities really be enough for a starring role? I rather set that dream aside until I'm 20." However, there's something she would like to do before that. "I have to drink some wine, if possible a good and expensive one!"

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Ueto Aya in new commercial  

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Actress Ueto Aya (23) has been appointed as the CM character for the "OronaminC" drink by Otsuka Pharmaceutical. The CM will go on-air on March 28th and will feature the badminton players Ogura Kumiko and Shiota Reiko as guest characters.

The two badminton players were known as "Ogushio" combo until they stopped being one at the end of last year. Only for this CM they are going to revive the old name and with Ueto Aya they now call themselves "Oguayashio". Ueto met them for the first time during the PR event. "They are really kind and it's easy to speak with them." Ogura and Shiota also both are glad to work together with Ueto. (Ogura) "I liked her a lot, so I'm really happy...". (Shiota) "I spontaneously had to tell how that she's really, really pretty."

Ueto was wearing a perfect outfit for badminton with her cute red mini-skirt and on stage she challenged Shiota to a match of badminton. Her skills and reflexes weren't too bad at all, after all she's been playing badminton since primary school. Both players even praised her to be very skillful. After the match all 3 of them drank a "OronaminC" in one gulp.

"Ogushio" is all about partnership, so the reporters asked them about possible love partners. Ueto replied, "I have a lot of partners. My family, my friends, my fans and so on. A love partner? I'm trying my best, that's all I'm saying." Shiota responded in the same way. Also whether there are any plans to make a real comeback as "Ogushio", Ogura answerd, "There are no such plans at the moment."

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Kuroki Meisa to model for Armani  

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Actress Kuroki Meisa (20) has been chosen as the model of famous brand "Emporio Armani" for the Japanese market.

This means that Kuroki is replacing Miyazaki Aoi (23) who had the duty to model for them last year. She will be THE face of Armani with a 13 meters huge advertisement in Tokyo's Omotesandou, several other outdoor ads and appearances in a lot of magazines.

For an interview she appeared in a beautiful dress made by the brand she's representing now and Giorgio Armani himself explained why he chose her as their model. "Kuroki is the actress with the biggest talent in Japan right now. She has an extremely good, refined and modernistic fashion sense, and therefore she's the ideal model for us."

Kuroki herself expressed her pure admiration for the Italian Milano Collection. It was also the first time that she ever met Giorgio Armani himself. "I'm extremely happy to be able to appear on those Armani advertisements I always saw and admired. I'm honored to be given this duty."

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Who would you want as new employee?  

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Lifenet-Seimei recently made a survey asking "Which celebrity would you like to have as a new employee in your company?".

It was a mobile survey that was done over 3 days in February. Over 1000 working men and women sent in their answers and here are the result.

Golfer Ishikawa Ryo made it on the first place in the males category while baseball pitcher Saito Yuki came in second. Both are young sportsmen who receive a lot of support not only from women but also from men. The same can be spotted in the following 3 ranks with tennis player Nishikori Kei on third, fencer Oota Yuuki on fourth and baseball player Tanaka Masahiro on fifth place.

In the females category actress Miyazaki Aoi once more took the first place. She's currently receiving an overwhelming popularity, but surprisingly more from women than from men. The men only voted her on the 7th place while the women saw her on the first place, so much that the overall result is the top of all places as well. Actress Ueto Aya was able to come in second. Beach volleyball player Asao Miwa and actress Ishihara Satomi both have to share the third place. The fifth place is taken by Ayase Haruka, another actress.

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Ishihara and DAIGO together in new CM  

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Glico is going to air a new commercials for their ice cream cup "Bokujo Shibori" as of April. Ishihara Satomi and DAIGO have been appointed as the image characters for the product.

Bokujo Shibori is an ice cream cup with the taste of a soft serve ice cream. It's the result of many tests to find the right balance and amount of the best raw milk they get from dairy farmers in Fukushima. It's the perfect soft serve ice cream with an incredible richness in its flavor.

The CM is just like the ice cream with the concept of being "Soft & White". Ishihara is dressed all in white in order to express that soft feeling and the pure smoothness to the world. They've shot 4 different patterns, but Ishihara is giving off a much more "mature athmosphere" than usual in all of them.

DAIGO is also wearing a completely white outfit. His uniqueness and trademark pose often made Ishihara laugh a lot during the filming. We wanted to hear Ishihara's own thoughts about Bokujo Shibori and she replied, "It's so soft and yet so thick." Somehow the whole studio started to laugh when she said that.

Ishihara's birthday also was right on the day before the filming of that CM. The crew didn't only prepare a birthday cake for her, DAIGO even gave her a birthday present. He gave him her must-have "rock gloves" and after putting them on, they made a picture of them doing his trademark pose together.

On 26th they also released various bonus footage from the filming on the website of Bokujo Shibori.

Here now the different commercials and making-of of Ishihara, plus an off-talk and special birthday clip.

TV-CM 15sec

WEB-CM 01 15sec

WEB-CM 02 15sec

Offtalk 1:28min

Making-Of 2:16min

Special Birthday Clip 1:25min

For bigger versions of the above clips, go here:

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Minamisawa Nao passed into private university  

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Actress Minamisawa Nao (18) who recently starred in the movie "Akai Ito" and in the still-running dorama of the same name on Fuji TV passed into the Rikkyo Universty (also know as Saint Paul's University) where she is going to study modern psychology. She's in great joy right now. "I think that it will have a nice effect on my work as an actress." Minamisawa is one of those pure actresses who suddenly rose to a huge popularity. It had recently been announced that she's going to be in the Fuji TV dorama "The Story of Kamiji Yusuke" (temporary title) as actor Kamiji Yusuke's (29) girlfriend in senior high school.

Minamisawa is really glad about passing the exam and is full of ambition. "You could say that right now I really want to study and absorb things. I think it will also be of use for my work as an actress, when I can increase my education and grow as a person during my college life."

In her entrance exams she had to make it through an English test, a short essay and an interview. You might think that pressure shouldn't be a problem for someone with experience in the world of show business, but - "To be honest, it was extremely wearing, both emotional and physical." Studying for a test can be really difficult for an actress, she always had to carry things like a reference book or a vocabulary along with her on the set of "Akai Ito". At home she also always had to study and couldn't relax herself. "I had to be careful not to become too tired for work."

Minamisawa is also happy to be able to go to the Rikkyo University. "The building itself has a unique charm and it's very beautiful. I also wanted to come here, because both of my parents graduated from Rikkyo."

In modern psychology she's going to observe humans and how they interact with each other, their mind and body, and how things like movies or doramas can influence modern people. It's exactly what she's interested in and she can't wait to go to her first lessons. "I think I'll really enjoy studying it."

On the other hand she also enjoyed filming 'The Story of Kamiji Yusuke'. "It's a very interesting story, because Kamiji is surrounded by a lot of individuals." On the 26th her first photo book with her in swimsuits is going to get released as well. It's called 'Futsuu.' (Ordinary). "I'd like to challenge myself in as many various roles as possible."

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Ueto Aya's Voice 2009-02-24  

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A few days ago I went to Vietnam for some work-----!

A bicycle road... that's Vietnam!!

Do you know what kind of flower that is?
It's water spinach! So pretty!!
(Ipomoea aquatica)

5 am
Thanks to my make-up artist I was able to see the morning sun---!!!

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Golden Eggs Vol. 44 (2009) - Yamamoto Hikaru  

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Just hatched and already leaving the nest?!
~ The youngsters of 2009 ~
Golden Eggs - Vol. 44

Yamamoto Hikaru

Yamamoto Hikaru made her entry into the world of show business with her second place in Amuse's first "O-himesama Audition" (Princess Audition). Slowly more and more people started to notice her refreshing smile that lead to main roles in the movies "Violent Edition: Elite Yankee Saburo", "BABY BABY BABY!" and "Umi no ue no kimi wa, itsumo egao" (On the sea, you are always smiling) that are all going to get released this year.


  • Name: Yamamoto Hikaru
  • Born: 1991-02-28
  • Birthplace: Osaka
  • Height: 160cm
  • Shoe size: 24cm
  • Bloodtype: O
  • Hobbies: peeling apples, basketball
  • Special skills: computer, reading

Encouraged by her parents' words: "We have no expectations in you at all." !?

It's the "always adding a punch line when she talks (laughs)" Hikaru-chan born in Osaka. She has such an easy-going character that her friends call her 'slow pacer'. Ever since she was little she wanted to become famous and in her 3rd year in junior high she decided to become an actress when she watched the dorama 'Ooku'. "It might be a bit too far-fetched to call her the trigger (laughs), but I really admired Matsushita Yuki. Her variety and how she can switch over to a serious expression is simply amazing."

Attracted by the word 'princess' she went to Amuse's 'Princess Audition' and came in 2nd. Her parents didn't really have any expectations in her, but Yamamoto is someone who hates to loose. "I thought, 'now I have to absolutely try my best all the more'." In the movie version of "Elite Yankee Saburo" there is one scene where she's completely absorbed into a beat'-em-up game and in reality she also loves games. "When the music starts I completely isolate me from any other sounds and become really serious. I totally hate to leave with a defeat (laughs)."

One of her specials skills is to 'peel apples'. "I can peel it off from the top to the bottom in one go. During my first year in junior year we got a lot of apples from the countryside and I was able to practice a lot. Recently I tried the same with kiwi fruits! It's difficult because of the hairs, but I mastered it (laughs)"

The movie is going to come out on her 18th birthday and as of spring she's going to be a college student. "I want to come back to the school's café! That wouldn't really be adult-like, though (laughs). However, I won't be able to outgrow anytime soon from collecting stuff of my favorite bear character anyway (laughs)." Yamamoto is going to grow from a girl into an adult while showing us all her different expressions.

Her first love scene!!

Right after her audition she was already selected for a main role in the movie version of "Elite Yankee Saburo". She's going to play the role of Asai Haruna, a girl who is attracted by the main character Ookochi Saburo. The main sale point of the movie is its "stupidity", but her role isn't just that of the typical pretty girl. "The difference is that she only pretends to be ignorant. She also quite a chaotic character, but that's what makes her so charming (laughs). Maybe I also forgot that I was being called by somebody just now and should be somewhere totally else (laughs)."

In one scene she had to loose her temper and showed us a new face of hers. "Usually I don't get angry a lot, but I tingled with excitement (laughs)." It was also her first time doing action or CG sequences. "I'm fascinated by how you are able to make impossible things happen, like when I fling away my older brother Nadagi. It was difficult to do, but I imagined it like when you shoot fire out of your hands in those arcade games."

"In another scene with Nadagi he made such weird gestures that I almost started laughing." All the yankees were really scary at first, but she enjoyed the filming. "I was really frightened when I saw them and thought, 'I have to play among them?', but then during the outdoor filming they said that I am cool. They've all been really kind to me."

One scene that left the biggest impression is the kiss scene with Saburo. "It kinda was my first love scene. I was totally embarrassed and my mind was all blank. However, you can see a lot of love scenes lately and therefore I wanted to do it, too. A pure love story next time would be great (laughs)."

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Katou Rosa happy about strictly limited "Tweety Bag"  

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On Wednesday, actress Katou Rosa (23) attended the opening event of the "Tweety Boutique Ginza" shop in Tokyo that will only stay open for a few days.

It's an international brand that's using the canary cartoon character "Tweety" on its products. Katou appeared in a black "Callaway" golf wear and got a strictly limited bag as present. There only exist 12 of those bags in the whole world. She was clearly happy about this present and the reporters wanted to know whether she will get some chocolate on White Day, but - "I won't, just like last year... But I got this bag, so I'm fine."

Katou is also said to have a 2 years experience of Golf. "It's refreshing. You can relax in the nature. I'm not as good as I would love to be, but I'm trying my best." She also explained what a 'Gold-Date' is and whether she already had one herself. "A golf date consists of 2 boys and 2 girls, but I haven't had one myself. I'm still searching for people who would want to go with me."

The store will stay opened until March 3.

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Hirosue back with Oscar  

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On Tuesday actress Hirosue Ryoko (28) arrived back in Japan after she went to Los Angeles where she as part of the movie "Okuribito" (English title: "Departures") received the Oscar for Best Foreign Movie. "The Oscar statue was heavy. I think I'll never be as excited and moved again, that's why I want to preserve this feeling."

At the same day she even had to attend another screening in Tokyo. Many cinemas are putting the movie back in their programs and even in America it's going to open in many more cinemas. In Japan it's been out for more than 23 weeks already, but during the 2 days after the Oscar it once more grossed 95,000,000 Yen. Even the book the movie is based on started to sell very well again. The Oscar fever won't stop.

At the airport the "Oscar-Actress" was welcomed by over 50 reporters. She didn't show any tiredness despite the long flight. "I didn't expect this reaction in Japan at all and I was astonished by all the mails I got from friends. I hope that feeling will stay for a while. It's everyone's award." She was asked whether she already plans to advance into Hollywood. "There might be some opportunities now, althought I haven't really studied English so far."

Hugh Jackman also arrived in Japan the same night to start promoting his movie "Australia" in Japan. He has even been on the same plane as Hirosue. "I'd love to co-act together with her in the near future." Hirosue was clearly surprised when she heard about that from the reporters. "He really said that? I'm honored!!"

Hollywood is definitely more than just a dream for Hirosue, after all she already co-acted together with Jean Reno in the movie "Wasabi" which was a collaboration between France and Japan.

Hirosue wasn't able to say something on stage when receiving the Oscar, but in the backstage came she was able to say 1-2 sentences to the camera. Check out the backstage clip here:

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Sakuraba Nanami stars in "Ghost Town no Hana"  

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Teen actress Sakuraba Nanami (16) has been cast in the lead role of TV Asahi's drama special "Ghost Town no Hana." This is her first time starring in a show outside of cable television.

"Ghost Town no Hana" is based on a script that won last year's Shinjin Scenario Taisho, a competition for new screenwriters. The story is set in a failing new town, where a high school girl (Sakuraba) lives poorly with her father, his second wife, and the wife's two children. Through a friend, she meets a top-notch student and begins dating, but lacking in experience, she seeks advice from an otaku whose specialty is dating sim games.

Nagayama Kento, Haru, Katsumura Masanobu, and Watanabe Noriko also appear in the drama. The broadcast is scheduled for March 20 at 11:15pm.

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Amami Yuki's the "Boss"  

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Actress Amami Yuki (41) is taking on her next lead drama role this spring in Fuji TV's "BOSS." This will be her first time playing a police detective in a TV series.

Amami stars as the new "boss" of a team of quirky detectives who are trying to fight a series of brutal crimes. Her character is intelligent and capable in her work. But even though she can understand the mentalities of the criminals she pursues, she has difficulty understanding men, leaving her unable to find what she really wants: a husband.

The nickname "boss" is strongly associated with Ishihara Yujiro's character in the drama series "Taiyou ni Hoero!" from the '70s and '80s, where he played a similar role as the leader of a detective team.

Amami's supporting cast in "Boss" includes Takenouchi Yutaka, Toda Erika, Mizobata Junpei, Kichise Michiko, and Nukumizu Yoichi. The show will air on Thursdays at 10:00pm, starting on April 16.

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Ishihara's Diary, Entry 133 (Feb.24)  

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Note: I have not yet started to watch "Voice", so I'm sorry for any mistakes that I might make in reference to the story.

☆Smooth Filming!☆

How was the 7th episode of "Voice" ?
The lines that left the biggest impression on me this time were...

"To be together for 40 years is an amazing thing
They are a married couple, but they started as complete strangers
The time you spend with your parents passes all too soon,
but with the person you married you are together for the longest time
It's somehow like a miracle, isn't it?"
By Hoko-san (Hanei Akira's mother)

It might be an obvious thing, but it's the first time that I became aware of that.
When you think about it, the time you spend with your parents who gave birth to you is surprisingly short, isn't it?
I will talk about it another time again, there's not much time right now.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Here I am right during the filming of episode 9~
I'm fine... or maybe not?

As usual we are playing Othello during the waiting time ☆
It's the game that's going to decide who will be at the bottom of the tournament!
That's how I went into the match, but...

Akira vs Aki
(The nickname of her role in Voice is Aki.)

It was a great defeat as you can tell by counting the pieces

By 3 pieces!
Aki's defeat ↓↓↓
And I was on the winning end until midway of the match ( ̄□ ̄)

That Sato...
He recently had his birthday and we all went out to celebrate ☆

The next day he defeated me in JuiJan (Juice Janken)
I had to buy the drinks for all 7 people...
(Janken = Rock, paper, scissors game and they simply had the drinks as stakes -> Juice Janken)

Birthdays really only last for 1 day, huh? (laughs)
That's not sweet! Voice member ☆

I also noticed that
every single member of the cast came to celebrate the birthday during the filming and I know that it was already mentioned a bit here and at the official site, but we really are a joyous team!

There have really been a lot of events, for example Valentine's Day sometime ago~
This year I also had my favorite cookie shop put their names on the cookies and handed them over to everyone ♪

Because of all those fixed events we were able to raise our spirits and strengthen our unity (^^)

And just like that it's already time for me to return to the set...
There's not much time left (>_<)
I'll try my best to keep you updated, so that you can understand the athmosphere here ★

Well then


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Ishihara's Staff Report 2009-02-24  

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DVD Release Event

This time I'm reporting about the DVD release event/talk show for "Flying Rabbits" that recently took place.

The filming for "Flying Rabbits" was done during summer 2007 and it came out in the cinemas in fall 2008.
It's a movie about youth based on the really existing basketball team of the Japan Airlines called "JAL Rabbits" and now the DVD of it got released.
She plays the role of Hayase Yukari who tries to reconcile her work as a CA (cabin attendant) and her love for basketball. With the use of all her strength she tries her best at work, basketball, love and friendship.

The official site for "Flying Rabbits" is here --

For the event she put on her CA uniform that she hadn't been wearing since the release of the movie and came on stage with basketball player Yashiro Naomi (JAL Rabbits) who was wearing a similar uniform. On stage she then recalled some memories from during the filming.

The DVD comes with a making-of and lots of other bonus footage like where Ishihara, Maki Youko and Takizawa Saori talk a bit about what happened behind the scenes. I hope you enjoy it!
Also don't miss to check out the old Staff Report page for more infos about "Flying Rabbits", reports from the filming and so on (report #001, #014 and #017).

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Karina's Monthly Essay - 2009.02.23  

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age 25

This month I turned 25 on the 21st.
It's kind of wonderful and kind of sad... (__;)

However, I received a lot of congratulations which made me really happy ☆

Thanks to everyone for all the congratulation messages!!
All of them got delivered to me without problems ☆

I celebrated it at a set (of a dorama) like last year ☆

I was so happy that everyone from Love Shuffle, the cast and the crew celebrated my birthday (^_-)
Thank you very much!!

And then...
All the staff from my agency who always looked after me held a birthday party for me...

After nearly an hour of pure fun, I saw the silhouette of someone.

Who's that? - I thought and in the next moment..!

Σ( ̄□ ̄;)


That's right, it was Matsumoto Runa who played the 2-years-old Himawari in the dorama "Daisuki!!" and her family who came to surprise me! ! ! ! !

It's been over 1 year since I last held her in my arms and she became quite heavy, but she was as cute as ever (T_T)

I was so moved! !

One time I spontaneously crouched down, called Hiimaawaarii~ and Haruna immediately remembered it. She ran over to me and I started to turn round and round with her in my arms ☆

It was exactly like that scene in the dorama (´∀`)

I was really glad that we met! !
Thank you ☆
I'm looking forward to be able to work with you someday again (^^ゞ

During my birthday and even the couple of days after it I really received support from a lot of people that strengthened my feelings over and over again.

I'm truly thankful from the bottom of my heart.
Even with 25 I'm still aiming to become a great woman.

You all will accompany me on that way, right? (^^)v

Well then,

see you~☆


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Magazine Scans - Karina in Ray Magazine  

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Some beautiful pictures of Karina from more recent "KARiNAVi" corners in the Ray Magazine, starting with the newest.

- Ray Magazine March 2009 - "KARiNAVi Vol. 61"

- Ray Magazine February 2009 - "KARiNAVi Vol. 60"

- Ray Magazine January 2009 - "KARiNAVi Vol. 59"

- Ray Magazine December 2008 - "KARiNAVi Vol. 58"

- Ray Magazine November 2008 - "KARiNAVi Vol. 57"

- Ray Magazine August 2008 - "KARiNAVi Vol. 54"

- Ray Magazine June 2008 - "KARiNAVi Vol. 52"

- Ray Magazine May 2008 - "KARiNAVi Vol. 51"