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Summer is approaching and that means that it will be the time again for women to show off their bodies, or not. Many women try to get in shape in time for the the sunny season and often they look at celebrities to create their ideal bodies inside their heads. Oricon now asked women in their 20s and 30s about which female celebrities have the ideal bodies in their opinion. Surveys like this are done on a yearly basis and this year's winner is the same as last year's, the now 37 years-old actress Fujiwara Norika. Many women are simply envious of her well-proportioned body.

Here now the whole Top5 along with 2 comments from the voters.

01 - Fujiwara Norika
--- She's full-bodied and has very long legs. That's certainly the ideal body...
--- She isn't too thin nor too chubby, she has a great figure with a nice balance.

02 - Amuro Namie
--- She has just the right amount of muscles and I'm envious that she still looks exactly the same like before her child.
--- She doesn't look like a mother of a single child at all and it's amazing figure didn't change at all compared to her olden days.

03 - Hoshino Aki
--- She's slender and glamorous!
--- Wrinkles and yet so beautiful. She has a very feminine and beautiful line.

04 - Sugimoto Aya
--- She isn't too thin and has a nicely balanced and full body.
--- She's living proof that you can still be beautiful no matter what age you are.

05 - Ebihara Yuri
--- She has an incredibly beautiful line.
--- The most enviable body is that of a model! She has the ideal body, because she can wear whatever she wants and it's going to suit her.

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Source: Oricon

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