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Actress and singer Aragaki Yui (21) made a surprise visit at a senior high-school in Sagamihara, Kanagawa on Wednesday. In the name of happiness, she gave the school a "Happiness Hug-Tree Flowerpot". With this event she wanted to promote her 2nd album called "hug" and all the students went crazy when they saw her up on their stage. "I missed the whole athmosphere of a school," she said with a really bright smile and wished them all a lot of happiness.

Everyone gathered in the gymnasium. Silence. Then they all suddenly see the smiling face of Gakky and the silence gets crushed by the cheers. She planned this event together with the help of Tokyo FM's SCHOOL OF LOCK where she works as a regular. SOL vice principle Yashiro went on stage together with her. "Gakky desu, yay! You'll get a lot of luck, if you are hugging here." She proclaimed on stage and with her she had a signed CD for everyone.

In her radio show of SOL, she's the head of the "Rumor Club" and searches for a lot of urban legends. On her new album there's a motif of a bear and it was the first time that she designed the jacket herself. The same bears have been made into a tree flowerpot that she brought with her on stage. "You'll experience a lot of luck, if you embrace each other in front of this tree." She propagated. The flowerpot has been given to 20 schools in the whole country.

Within her show, she also asked people to send in their "Happiness-Hug Pictures". After looking through all of them, the first place went to someone from this high school and that's the actual reason why she particularly came to visit this one. The winner gets to do a "Gakky Call" and you could feel the tension among the 620 students.

A 3rd grader was the lucky girl who had the chance to go on stage and get embraced by Gakky herself. A few more students had the chance to get on stage and one male student even confessed to her with the words "I love you!", but of course you can't win her over just like that and so she smiled him away with a bitter smile.

On the 11th she had her 21st birthday and on this day she really felt like an older sister. She revealed one of her personal and bittersweet youth stories. "It was a lot of fun and I had a broad grin on my face, but as soon as I was about to go on a stage, I had a strange feeling in my stomach. Somebody (from the staff) hugged me and I immediately got happy again."

The flowerpot will be placed in the practice room of that school. "I also used a good luck charm during junior high-school in order to sit right next to the person I liked. I took the joker from a cards game, wrapped it in red paper and put it in my breast pocket. I was really surprised when we were drawing the lots in order to arrange the seats." Gakky remembered and celebrated the new "spot of happiness" at this school.

Yesterday (18th) she will also have another show on SOL and she's going to contact another senior high-school student with a lot of luck. One thing is for sure, the students of that school are definitely going to forever keep her smile as a symbol of happiness in their hearts.

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Man! I'm so jealous. They are so lucky.

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