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Hello Readers! ^o^

Kawaii Joyuu moved!

New address:

The feedback is positive so far. Please come to the new site to see the latest updates! Thanks!

Now I know that a move comes with a lot of problems and people disliking a whole new site and stuff like that, and that's why I decided to ask you before making the final decision. Go to the url mentioned above, check out the new site, design and everything and take part in the poll that you can find on the right.

I'll keep on updating on both blogs for now!

You can also tell me your opinion in the comments either here or on the new blog.

Thanks for reading!

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Ano, may I ask why u would like to move? I like the current one. But I guess the new old has more features and makes it easier to search for anything more specific. Maybe u can change the background? I don’t really like white backgrounds because it reminds me of school/work so I don’t feel so relaxed. But this is just a suggestion; don’t really need to follow it. Can you stick to about the same site address with the words Kawaii or Joyuu? U might not wanna deviate too much from the original. And maybe have the name “KAWAII JOYUU” larger on the banner? Simple suggestions. Don’t want to interfere too much.

yo i'm actually fine on either one. just a question tho: are you thinking of merging pori-chan with this one or something? lol

the new one could use a nice layout boost. lol---frankly the old one is much cuter. and maybe u should just stick to a side scroll of recent updates instead of the one at the top (which could be used for something else like for special features on certain stars or something

I don't think having a cute layout is always the top priority. It's the content that matters. I feel the new wordpress site shows off what you have to offer much better. The blogspot version can't seem to handle the great amount of content you have and ends up looking like you're trying to fit too much in. However the wordpress version is not without its flaws. The tag cloud, while cool, doesn't seem that user friendly. I also feel like in the new site it would be harder to find older articles you've posted. That's just a few ideas I've had. I'll comment again if I can think of more.

A cute one, eh?
I tested a new blogger theme, too ..just in case people don't like the new site at all (or the server that it's hosted on).
(that blog is just for testing purposes, you don't have to remember its url!!!)

Yes, wordpress has much more to offer, but it's easy to cram too much of those little widgets on one site.. and some can slow down the page drastically, but overall it gives me a lot more freedom in how I want the blog to look/work like.
About the url, you mean something like ? That should be possible, I guess.

I have no such plans, I just didn't want to buy a 4th domain and used a subdomain instead. :)

Point taken. Maybe I can find/modify some theme so it combines both, cuteness and professionalism. :)

The tag cloud can be changed.
I guess with "older articles" you mean those who come to the site without anything in mind, see a name on the category list (here on blogspot) and just click on it.. That's true and one point I didn't like about wordpress. The reason is that wordpress uses both, tags and categories while blogspot only has one tag/category option.. I might be able to get a work around that flaw, though..

Anyway, something I haven't heart in the comments so far. A few people already voted that the new site is slower. Can anyone comment about this here? Is it drastically slower (read: a whole server issue) or does it feel more like some particular script(s) on the site are slowing it down?

Thanks for the comments so far.

really .. i love it
it's more professional it's more like a news website
totally support the new one

I do like this website more but I know it's coz I'm used to it, I will get used to the new one too *everyone will* and I'll love it more <3
thanks for all your hard work *bow*

Thanks Remee-chan.
I'm not sure whether that design will be the final one, but I'm trying to get the look of a news site, yeah.. you got it! xD

oh and something else..

The topnav-scroll only features the 5 most recent blog translations whereas the sidescroll features all recent posts in general. This way the blog translations are always right there on top.

You'd still prefer it to be used for special features only?

I'm changing/changed the whole colors of the new site to match with the old one.. maybe you like it better now. It's definitely not as cold anymore.

There are still some images and colors left to get changed, but I'm already done with most of them

I like the new site and the new design. But I'd also like to have the name "Kawaii Joyuu" featured more prominently on the site and in the URL, if possible.

As long as the focus and quality of Kawaii Joyuu stays as it is now I'm all for improvements and changes.

HP, thanks for taking all our comments to heart. You guessed what I was getting at. I'm sorry I didn't explain it better. Looks like you've added the taglist on wp site already, hehe.

As far as a slow site goes, I'm not experiencing any problems in loading the main page too much (I expect because it's been cached mostly) but when clicking around, it's not as snappy as blogspot unfortunately.

I already bought "" and it will only take a while until it's completely registered. The logo will get changed, too. I hope that's prominent enough.. ;)
The url already works, but wordpress still is using the subdomain until I get the green light from the domain provider.


Remember it! ^o^

Yes, Pori, the new site seems to load slightly slower, but I think that’s because there’re more info and features than the old site. And it seems the new site takes up more space? Maybe cutting down the excess space might help? The photo stream is nice to have, but can it be cut? Maybe the “About Me” part and the Twitter updates can be under the “Feedburner: Subscribe Now”? And is it possible to take out the “Most Commented” part? One of the reasons why I like the old site more is that it’s evenly spaced and doesn't have so much stuff at one spot so it’s comfortable on the eyes for me. The new site seems to have too much stuff that it seems complicated and maybe strains the eye. Thanks for taking my suggestions into consideration, but you don’t necessarily have to follow them. :)

I'll look into those things and will probably do some changes, yeah. Not immediately, but once in a while.. ^^

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