Inoue Mao's Staff Diary (2009-06-17)  

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She filmed a new "chocola" commercial a few days ago.
The set was really surprisingly big!!
It's going to air during summer so please look forward to it!

"Please let me take a photo for the Staff Diary!" I asked Inoue-san
and she decided to give me a cute pose!

And now Inoue-san's civilian clothes of today!
It has been raining, so rain boots ♪
It was simply too cute and that's why I decided to secretly take a picture of her! *laughs*

One day while Inoue-san was on the phone with the chief manager...

Chief: "On the XXth, Cinema Girls will come for an interview." [spoken: "Shinema Gaaruzu"]
Inoue: "Eh!!?? Frantic???" [Frantic = spoken "shine mono kurui"]

The chief manager laughted very loud. *laughs*

Once in a while she doesn't hear things right.
But I often do that too, so I better stay quiet... *laughs*

Anyway, the above mentioned "Cinema Girls" will go on sale on July 21!!
Please check it out ♪ ♪

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First pic is too cute! Mao's got a little while to go before any promotion for the movie starts... Hope we keep getting more staff blog updates so we know what she's doin!
Thanks again HP :)

hi Pori, i like her shoes, its really nice and beautiful, but the color should be different

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