Oohashi's Father's Day Cookies  

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It's father's day in Japan and many other countries today and child actress Oohashi Nozomi (10) even has the luck of having 2 fathers in the dorama "Shiroi Haru" (Fuji TV). Of course she also had some presents for her dorama fathers and made them some cookies, not just some ordinary cookies, they are each around 20cm big!

The two lucky actors are Abe Hiroshi who plays her real father and Endo Kenichi who plays the man who brought her up. Oohashi wrote down their names on the cookies, "Abe-san" and "Endo-san" respectively, completed with a nice "Thank you" each. Endo was very touched by the present, "It's the first time she called me 'Endou'." Abe too, "It's too to get eaten!" However, Oohashi immediately responded, "It's best if eaten by today...!"

They'll continue to film the last episode of the dorama about "the love of parent and child" until the 23rd.

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